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Instapage Review 2023

Instapage Review 2023 2

Building an optimized landing page is not exactly a piece of cake. As a designer, you will need to review the page time and time again, and make changes even if necessary. Things do not have to be this way anymore, as there are numerous tools online that will help you create a great landing page, that too without having any knowledge about coding at all. One of those tools is Instapage, which lets you build landing pages with amazing optimization features and useful integrations.

If you are wondering how Instapage works, and if it is worth your time and money, then read on to learn more about it.

Instapage Offerings

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First and foremost, it is important you find out everything there is to know about Instapage and its offerings, which are:

  • Drag and Drop Landing Page Builder

The drag and drop landing page builder is not the same as WordPress’ builders – it is not grid-based. But the tool will help you drag and drop each element precisely where you want it.

  • Widgets

With the help of widgets, you can insert elements like countdown timers, CTA buttons, and much more.

  • Customizable Templates

With 200+ customizable templates, you will not need to start from scratch.

  • Access to Bigstock Images

Since you have access to a staggering 33 million Bigstock images, you can insert these images as you desire. Do keep in mind though; you will need to pay for each image individually.

  • Useful Analytics

If you want to track your progress based on numbers, you will feel right at home with Instapage. You will get everything from Google Tag Manager, A/B Testing, Heatmaps, and more.

  • Detailed Asset Delivery and Form Builder

No matter what type of form you want to create, you can create them all, not excluding multi-step forms. You can connect them to a number of different integrations as well.

  • AMP Support

With the help of the drag and drop feature mentioned above, design Google AMP landing pages with ease.

  • Highly Detailed Attribution Data

Apart from analytics, you can connect Instapage to Google AdWords and other similar services for integration attribution data like price data or AdWords campaigns.

Instapage Benefits

Seeing how integrations are important for websites these days, you will get numerous integration options with Instapage. This way, you can stay connected to all your customers through all possible venues. You can integrate over 20 marketing tools, which may be more than you actually need.

With Instapage, you will have designs that will respond well to mobile devices. This is important because a huge portion of internet users use smartphones and tablets than desktop computers or laptops. Due to this, you will see your conversion rates increase considerably in a short amount of time, because your customers will get a better online experience while browsing your website after all.

To work with a particular template, you can import it from any landing page you find interesting within minutes. Instapage will automatically replicate the design for you, but in a way that you can customize it as you see fit. If you dish out limited time offers every now and then, you can even add countdown timers. This is a great marketing strategy to ensure customers make the most of the limited time offer before they lose out on the unique opportunity for good.

By opting for Instapage, you will not be limited to a certain number of visitors that can visit your website on a monthly basis. Once your website starts doing well, and you gain more visitors, you will not be limited in any way.

In case you do run across a problem, Instapage’s customer support team will be more than willing to help you out. You can get your queries sorted so that your website does not have to suffer in the long run.

Instapage Pricing & Plans

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Before you check out what pricing plans Instapage has to offer, it is worth noting that you can take advantage of its 14-day free trial before you actually commit to them for a longer duration. Only when you are satisfied, you can opt for either of Instapage’s four enterprise and SMB plans, which are:

1. Core – $69 or $79 per month

  • Collaboration in real time
  • 20+ integrations
  • Mobile-responsive landing page builder

2. Optimizer – $99 or $129 per month

  • Includes all Core Features
  • Heatmaps
  • Dynamic Text Replacement
  • Advertising Attribution
  • Unlimited A/B Testing

3. Team & Agency – $179 or $229 per month

  • Includes all Optimizer Features
  • Branded Lead Notifications
  • Audit Log
  • 15 Private Sub-Accounts

4. Enterprise – Contact Instapage for a Quote

  • All Team & Agency Features
  • Advanced Publishing
  • Professional Services
  • Migration Services
  • Customer Success Manager

Is Instapage Worth It?

There is no doubt Instapage is a powerful tool. In fact, it is even better than most WordPress page builders that you will come across.

Instapage is not only powerful, accessible and easy-to-use, but it is especially great for beginners. With this tool, you actually have the power to place things where you desire.

The tool is by far not the cheapest one out there, but you will not be disappointed if you wanted an optimization-oriented and high-powered landing page builder.


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