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SEMrush Review 2024

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To be able to drive traffic to your website is no easy feat. It takes endurance and a lot of effort to achieve that goal. Agree?

Most of all, it is the task of getting to know what your competitors are doing. In an online business, your competition is only a few clicks away, literally.

So how can you stay ahead of the curve? You do so by way of SEMrush – a versatile SEO and PPC tool. If you know how to use it then nothing can stop you to fast track your site’s success.

What Is So Great About SEMrush?

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Think of SEMrush as a person who feeds you intel on your competitor as if he were present at their floor office. What’s left for you is to capitalize and enact a strategy in place to win.

Through SEMrush you gain access to the most comprehensive keyword research tool providing you with rankings, backlink profiles and ad copies.

If you are worried about increasing search engine traffic to your website, well, with SEMrush you are in safe hands.

Without further ado, let’s find out how you can beat the competition and etch your name in the history with SEMrush.

1. Search Engine Optimization

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SEMrush provides an organic search function that helps you explore the wide field of SEO. Here you get to mine for possibly the best ranking keywords in your niche. In other words, these will be the keywords that your target market is actually searching for when they Google, Bing etc.

The tool lets you dig deep letting you analyze a particular keyword based on its competitive density, CPC, search volume, traffic, and trend. Furthermore, you are able to see which other domains are taking advantage of this keyword.

Additionally, you can take advantage of their Keyword Magic Tool, which can come in handy. Not only it will list down the most searched keyword driven questions but will also point out the impact they have had over SERP elements.

You can also equip yourself with keyword difficulty and organize various keywords into groups. On the technical front such as hreflang attributes and link building, SEMrush carries out a site audit.

Its crawler will scan your website thoroughly like an antivirus would your system and display the findings. It can take into account up to 120 different errors that might be affecting your site’s performance in search engine rankings.

If a problem is identified you will be promptly asked to resolve the matter. SEMrush goes a step further by suggesting you possible solutions. So yeah, there’s that.

This is not a one-time process though. On a periodic basis, SEMrush will scan your website for possible errors to let you know if you are doing well online. Audit reports are subsequently generated to give you in-depth analysis or findings.

With tracking function of SEMrush, you can keep tabs on both your desktop site as well as mobile site. You can even compare this with your competitors to check how they are faring in this aspect.

Any drop in site ranking or gain, for that matter – the owner is immediately intimated.

2. Content Marketing

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‘Content is King’ – we have all heard that but the distribution of that content is equally essential. SEMrush can help you with your content marketing practices. Read on.

There is Topic Research feature which will help you figure out issues your target market is facing. All you are required is to enter a phrase or a keyword you are trying to look into and SEMrush will generate a list of topics on that subject for you to ponder.

It will also suggest headings with attention grabbing hooks to entice your readers. Of course the piece shouldn’t be a clickbait or else both, your business and authority will become questionable.

Moving on, you can refine your searches and can search for actual questions people are asking concerning a specific subject. Combine all these, and you have an adequately prepared blog at your disposal.

Once published, you can further count on SEMrush to help you monitor blog’s performance and that it reaches the right audience by way of its Brand Monitoring tool.

What does it do?

This will highlight distribution opportunities that are relevant to your keyword, in addition to locating brand mentions on varying channels across the web.

If you find any channel’s authority as dubious, SEMrush displays a score for you to gauge its trustworthiness. In the case where a channel does not meet your standards, at least you can report that mention or request for it to be taken down.

Oh, and SEMrush helps you choose the right backlinking partner for boosting your promotion strategy. The idea here is to connect you with (potential) partner(s) who are already linking to your competitors.

Social media marketing is another branch of content marketing. The tool at your disposal this time is SEMrush’s Social Media Tracker. It serves as a mole by bringing you latest on your rivals such as the type of content they are using to capture the target market or what is their posting frequency etc.

The information above is no short of a gem. If used correctly you can learn of about your competition’s best engagement posts. Coupled with the hashtag tracking you can have your hands full with the social media strategy that can outrun your competitors.

When ready, strike by employing the Social Media Poster for distributing your posts on Twitter and Facebook etcetera.

The tool tends to align all your social media platforms whereby you can post simultaneously with a single click. Moreover, you can schedule your posts and integrate interesting bits into your articles (from third parties) via RSS feed.

And that’s not all. To see if your social media posts yield desired outcome, SEMrush tracks progress with its analytics feature. The reports can be accessed in PDF.

3. Paid Advertising Analysis

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Organic results, according to one study, drives 70-80% of the website search traffic but wait, what about the remaining 20-30%? Well, that is why we have paid advertising.

Paid ads rank at the top of the SERPs and are marked as such. 65% of those with the intent to buy click on paid ads. To fully capitalize on this, SEMrush offers its paid functionality whereby you can create a stellar marketing strategy.

An ad builder comes in as part of its paid functionality. You can draft catchy ads related to your products. Not just any, but ads laden with keywords and are thus, optimized to rake in traffic. With some expert editing skills your ads will be created in no time!

The same ad builder keeps an eye out for ads which are similar in nature (especially of competitors) so you have a better grasp of what works. Ads from your rivals are saved as templates enabling you to craft ads with only minor tweaking. Interesting, eh?

And if you thought, this process is a cumbersome job? Well, you couldn’t be more wrong. On the contrary, it is quite easy. The ad builder has a sleek interface and design, meaning you can view the options clearly without them ever becoming cluttered.

SEMrush also has PPC Keyword Tool which very much like site audit tool (refer to point 1), analyzes your website for paid ads shortcomings (if any). It is important to learn whether or not you are on track or has deviated from the plan.

For example, it will help you identify if your keyword based ads are cannibalizing each other as that would adversely affect your online presence.

In addition to eliminating any underperforming keywords, PPC Keyword Tool will ensure only the most bankable keywords are up for grabs – in turn, minimizing your marketing budget.

It will list down recommendations for you to polish your keyword(s) selection. Consider it a little icing on the cake.

What of Google Product Listings Ads?

Good question but did you honestly think, SEMrush will leave you high and dry in that department? Of course not! Its PLA Research feature is meant for figuring out which advertisements can hamper your reach on the internet.

Therefore, it spies for you and brings in information comprising how ads from competitors look like, their corresponding positions, keywords used – you name it.

4. Competitive Intelligence

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If it is the details on your rivals’ traffic you desire, look no further since here too, SEMrush has got you covered.

Through its Traffic Analytics function you can monitor different domains on the basis of their respective paid searches, link building, and social media as well as SEO game plan.

As a result, you can set a reference point that whether or not your website is ranking higher or lower in relation to the competition. These metrics could be bounce rate, pages per visit, average site duration and the likes thereof.

All in all, SEMrush’s tools are your eyes and ears for staying two-steps ahead of your rivals in terms of keywords, trends and PPC advertising.

What MORE can a site owner ask?!?

Plan and Pricing

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Ah, to the question if SEMrush falls within the affordability bracket or that if it’s pocket-friendly? Its plans and pricing structure vary as per the need of a particular user and/ or business. Take a look at the table below and pick one which suits you best.

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Final word

To sum up, SEMrush can prove to be a costly affair for small businesses. But, a cost-benefit analysis tells that benefits will outweigh the cost – every time. Several tools are available under SEMrush umbrella which is a plus. Although, can become overwhelming for users and trickier to navigate with so many features imbued in it.

Advanced marketers may be the only ones who can leverage its potential to the maximum. Complaints by users, so far have been far and few. SEMrush offers a 14-day free trial so if you are not impressed by the end of it, you can always switch to whatever your heart desires.

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