Bluehost Hosting Review 2021

Bluehost is a notable hosting company. It was established in the year 2003, and is currently operating from Utah. The owners of Bluehost are those who own the Endurance International Group. The same group is behind the names such as HostGator and etc.

When it comes to Bluehost, the packages start with their ‘basic’ plan. A basic plan usually comprises five email accounts and merely offers 100MB of storage. In addition, a user gets 50GB of website space, free Website Builder and 1-click installation setup for WordPress among other things.

With a ‘plus’ plan, offerings multiply and are in abundance compared to basic such as unlimited websites, subdomains and storage space etc. But there’s more. There is a ‘premium’ offering as well –courtesy of Bluehost. Consider it as plus plan with backup functionality and domain privacy.

Let us now delve into how you can get started with Bluehost hosting and learn about its features that has made it a renowned name in the website hosting industry.

Gearing up for Bluehost account

Bluehost Hosting Review 2021 2

You can begin by entering your desired domain that you would like to register for. In the case, where you already own a domain name, simply enter it when asked. You also have the option to transfer a particular domain to Bluehost, if you’d prefer although, that is not a requirement. You can always update the name at a later date.

What follows is an account creation page, where you will be required to enter your personal details including name, email address and contact number. Upon scrolling down a little you will be provided with the option to select the desired plan and this is the part where you are able to scan for pricing and decide the plan which suits you the best.

No matter which plan you opt for, remember Bluehost accepts payments for 36 months in advance. So there’s that. Next, check to see which payment method is more appropriate to you. By default, ‘Pay by credit card’ is selected. Under ‘More payment options’, you can select the desired payment method such as PayPal.

The best part, however, is that you can choose, whether you want a particular plan to be renewed automatically. Choose ‘do not renew’ and by the end of the term, you can either select a new plan or cancel – it’s all up to you. In order to cancel, a user is required to call on the phone number +1 855 984 4546 to schedule the account for deletion or request termination.

Putting it to practice

Bluehost Hosting Review 2021 3

Now that the account is set up, the following step is to move towards creating the website. You will be immediately taken to the screen where you can set a new password and access the customer management panel.

Welcome email fills you in with all forms of relevant information such as mail server info, FTP logins as well as a temporary URL is assigned to you. You can bask in the temporary URL until you get a domain and DNS for yourself, up and running (if you don’t have it in place, already).

That way a user is able to access his files, use Bluehost control panel for a wide array of website management functions such as management of FTP, email and so on.  Where a site is already live, it will naturally save user the time plus, you don’t have to manually look up for control panel in Bluehost. Simply utilize the FTP for uploading files whenever you need to.

Ever heard of Weebly? Yes, Weebly – a free website builder. Bluehost has a similar Website Builder in its arsenal. Although, it’s pretty basic but you can employ the WYSIWYG browser-based editor to develop a website that can contain up to six pages and that’s saying something! More functionality is expected in future.

Furthermore, Bluehost bring its users a Mojo Marketplace. What’s that now, you ask? It is a power system that asks for minimal details and in turn, lets you install your desired app without dragging it out in the form of lengthy steps. You also get automated WordPress installation with a Bluehost subscription.

An entire dedicated cPanel area is available for users, especially the experienced ones. If it’s AWStats or Cron Job or PHP Config – you’ll find everything here. Not the perfect website hosting service but Bluehost has proven itself as among the leading hosting provider that is both power-packed and simple to navigate.

How well it fares when it comes to performance?

Bluehost Hosting Review 2021 4

Performance wise, Bluehost provides effortless integration of help as well as of hosting control panel. When clicking Support button, it opens up a new panel with a search bar embedded therein rather than opening a new page altogether which can become annoying for people.

In the search bar above, enter your query and you will be provided with the list of guides/articles which you can then refer to for troubleshooting any issues you might run into. Though, each article opens up in a new tab.

When compared with competitors in the market, Bluehost’s support centre is well organized and is aimed at speedy resolution of the problems. Search can display articles from between 5 to 50 per page, giving you the option to sort by relevance or most viewed/helpful allowing you to narrow down results.

Resort to live chat if there isn’t anything on the topic that you are searching for which is unlikely because even a vague search such as ‘PHP’ will dish out some very useful articles at your disposal. Where live chat is not available, telephone (as previously stated) is the best way to get in touch with their team.

Bitcatcha and related performance benchmarks have resulted in excellent speeds specifically when connected via the US. Ping timings from other regions can be a bit slow but don’t hold that against Bluehost.

Final word

With average performance, handy features, excellent support and no BS site management tools – Bluehost is a winner. Can be a pricey option for those on a budget, but with company’s 30-day money back guarantee and resourceful online help, it is not at all a bad bargain.

GoDaddy Hosting Review 2019

GoDaddy doesn’t need introduction as it is easily the hosting platform giant. The biggest in the US and boasts more than 63 million domains. The user base has grown exponentially and presently stands at 14 million. However, just because it has huge numbers that does not automatically makes it a worthy contender for you.

Here’s why, in this review we will try to establish whether or not GoDaddy is best for business. First and foremost, let’s find out about some of its plans.

Plans and offerings

GoDaddy Hosting Review 2019 6

GoDaddy has a couple of plans up its sleeves. Obviously there is a basic one and other high end plans. Its Economy plan is available on either a three-month basis or for an annual (paid monthly) basis.

Economy plan naturally has limited resources such as support for one website, 100 GB storage and no SSL certificate etc. On the other hand, GoDaddy also offers a Deluxe plan. The plan supports unlimited number of websites, MySQL databases and 25 x 1 GB of storage space which is 10 times that of Economy.

Furthermore and for more premium users, GoDaddy has an Ultimate plan. It is the ultimate offering by GoDaddy as the name implies. As a user, you get double CPU and RAM allocation, DNS coupled with DNSSEC security and a 1-year SSL certificate.

Linux users are especially in luck because those who are well-versed can take advantage of GoDaddy’s cPanel as they are allowed low-level server access, raw access logs plus, year-long trial of Office 365 Outlook with mail and shared online calendar support.

Next, we’ll look into setting things up with GoDaddy.

Setting up an account

GoDaddy Hosting Review 2019 7

You can set up your GoDaddy account by selecting from a variety of payment terms: these ranges from 1-month, 3-month to 12, 24 and 36 months. Choose whichever is convenient for you.

At the time of signing up, you are provided with some starter addons.

What are they?

These include backup and restore, routine malware scanning or any free trial products which come pre-selected when registering for the service. You always have the option to unselect the boxes for the products you don’t need.

Once the payment is made, the rest of the steps are as easy as 1-2-3. You will first be asked to enter a domain name for your site. After that, you are required to choose the data center (location) where you want your site to be hosted. Lastly, you will be asked to create a cPanel login.

For any newbie, it might be a lot to digest but it’s best to continue with any selection for the time being and proceed towards completing the process. Elements such as choosing of data center or deciding on a domain name (which if not already) can be changed later as well.

It is now time to create that website of yours. So read on.

Establishing a web presence

GoDaddy Hosting Review 2019 8

When it comes to creating a website with GoDaddy, its Linux based hosting presents you with a cPanel frontend to manage your site. Although, this can be a cumbersome exercise especially for novice users but with time and effort, you can grasp it.

For those of you thinking, “who has the time to learn how to navigate a cPanel?” Well, learning is never wasted. Familiarizing yourself with cPanel can help you traverse many other hosting providers, should a need arises in future as it is used by most.

With a basic GoDaddy plan, you do not get a Website Builder but what you do get is preview sites. Preview sites let you quickly create a professional looking website, in no time. So for whatever the basic plan’s worth, it is enough to get a beginner by.

Moreover, the cPanel and GoDaddy’s Installatron can be used to set up a blog or install CMS (content management system) in place. It could also be used for developing any other web application.

When hosting a WordPress site (given it’s the most widespread platform) with GoDaddy, you will see options such as on auto-update policies and blog admin. But if it proves to be too overwhelming, simply hit install and as stated previously, you can deal with the settings later on.

Hosting provider performance

GoDaddy Hosting Review 2019 9

GoDaddy has three tier customer support; a knowledgebase with articles including walkthroughs and troubleshooting guides. Secondly, a customer forum or can be referred to as GoDaddy community where other users talk about what’s latest and put forth their concerns. Lastly, a 24/7 contact support number is available for any GoDaddy related queries.

So the provider has its users well covered, from all ends. If you delve into the knowledgebase a little, you will notice a limited number of FAQs. But do not be turn off by this since when you actually search about a particular topic, a list of technical articles will show up in your results. If you know what and where to look for in those articles, knowledgebase is for you.

Customer forum does not get many questions answered, perhaps because much of it is handled at the first tier level support. On an average, some 25 people may come looking for answers or answer questions posted therein. The downside is if you are actually waiting on an answer, it might take several days before a solution is proposed or the matter is resolved.

Contacting the team on their provided phone number can be a bit of hassle. Not only the navigation is confusing but you will be asked to enter customer ID, select the service you are calling for, phone PIN and so on so forth. This inadvertently increases wait times and can be a challenge for people low on patience.

In terms of server performance, GoDaddy fares positively on Bitcatcha Speed Checker and WebPageTest is reported to be around 0.4 seconds and that’s just for the ‘first byte’. The results are indeed good and considering these are for its basic hosting account – is not short of a feat!

Final word

(And) that’s all she wrote.

Amidst wide array of product offerings, optimal uptime and above average performance, GoDaddy has cemented itself as a leader in the hosting industry. It may be that you have to spend premium for addons such as Website Builder and extra features (Managed WordPress hosting) but in the end, it’s worth it.

Furthermore, a 30-day refund option is at your disposal. Therefore, you don’t have a lot to lose if things don’t turn out for you the way you had hoped. However, there’s a catch. Conditions vary. If you happen to be subscribed to a plan which is of less than a year, the grace period allowed is only 48 hours.

Whether or not it’s best for your business, we leave it up to you.

Nestify Hosting Review 2019

Nestify Hosting Review 2019 11

If managed WordPress hosting had a face, it would be Nestify. Why do we say that?

It is because not only Nestify has some impeccable features but it is also high on 24/7 customer support. If your managed WordPress hosting needs a fix, Nestify should be your go-to-hosting option.

What makes Nestify stand out of the rest of managed WordPress hosting services?

Giants such as Bluehost and Hostgator all offer managed WordPress hosting services, but for the following reasons, Nestify takes the cake:

1. Has Incredibly Fast Speed

Basing your website on a platform which has the best speed to offer is sound decision-making. In turn, your site gets faster load times and in the eyes of Google your rankings are improved. The real essence of Nestify lies in its servers which makes, especially your WordPress site a rewarding experience for visitors.

It has built-in CDN (Content Delivery Network), meaning the speed of your site is always optimal. It has a scalable infrastructure which makes it a reliable hosting platform.

According to hosting experts, Nestify makes your website run 4-6 times faster in comparison to other hosting providers. It has an advanced caching feature which decreases the overall website load time leading to a faster site.

2. Impenetrable Security

We all know how websites are susceptible to attacks from hackers. It is for this reason Nestify offers an impenetrable security to its users. Hackers have improvised their ways of hacking websites so not just any website security would cut it.

Nestify is known to keep millions of cybercriminals at bay, every day. That is no small number. In addition, it prevents brute force attack that allows the hacker to try several permutations and combinations of usernames/passwords to crack credentials.

The PHP tuning at the backend allows Nestify to block unsafe and threatening commands made by cybercriminals. Moreover, frequent vulnerability scans add an extra layer of security by updating you on the status if the site is really secure.

Although, if for some reason, the site still gets hacked, the personnel at Nestify will fix it for you at no cost. Usually, if any site is hacked, it could cost an owner a fortune but at Nestify, you can get it fixed for free!

3. Routine Backup Facility

What if we were to tell you that Nestify regularly backup your WordPress website data? It does so without fail.

Backing up of website data is crucial since it creates copies of your data, in the case if your site’s security were to get compromised or you lose access to your system in a fire, etc. Next time you get access, you can restore data to your website by simply running the restore functionality to travel back in time to the point where you left off.

Furthermore, you can create manual backups by clicking Backup Now option from your Nestify dashboard. A notification is sent to you intimating that your website data has been successfully backed up.

It is especially helpful if you aim to make major changes to your WordPress website. In this scenario, backing up data is the sensible thing to do.

Nestify – Pricing & Plans

Nestify Hosting Review 2019 12

Nestify plans are broadly categorized into three: Starter, Personal and Professional. Basic plan starts at 7.99 USD and goes on to 49.99 USD as you move further on the spectrum of high level plans.

●    Starter

If you are new to managed WordPress hosting, Starter plan will do you just fine. You can subscribe to it for 7.99 USD a month, and you get 10,000 monthly visits, storage of 5GB and an unlimited transfer of data.

●    Personal

If you are an intermediate user of managed WordPress hosting, Personal plan is for you. You are allowed 75,000 visits per month, a storage capacity of 10GB and a seamless stream of unrestricted data transfer. You can subscribe to it for 19.99 USD per month.

It is specifically meant for seasoned marketers, bloggers and anyone seeking to get their hands on the fastest experience possible.

●    Professional

Last but not the least, Professional guarantees a huge spike in visitor traffic. It is intended for huge businesses and is going to be a perfect fit – offering you a visitor capacity of 150,000 each month as well as 40GB of storage. As usual, you get unlimited transfer of data. It costs users 49.99 USD a month.

Again specialized marketers and bloggers will benefit the most from it.

24/7 Customer Support

Nestify Hosting Review 2019 13

Remember how we mentioned Nestify has a stellar customer support, well it’s time to dive into that. The team behind are experts of WordPress who are there to serve you 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

No matter if it is troubleshooting you seek help with or have any query regarding Nestify which needs answering, the staff will be happy to assist. You can reach out to them via live chat or on email.

Free Migration Facility

Oh, and if you own another site that you wish to transfer current data to, team Nestify allows you to do that with zero downtime. Isn’t that remarkable?!

30-day Money Back Guarantee

Not satisfied? Think you made the wrong investment? Worry not because Nestify provides 30-day money back guarantee to its users. This is a no-strings-attached money back guarantee so if Nestify isn’t your cup of tea, you can ask for a refund. Make sure, the refund falls under the stipulated time frame or else you won’t qualify.

Nestify – Pros and Cons

We’ll now look to quickly summarize the pros and cons of having Nestify as your managed WordPress hosting provider.


  • First-rate customer support
  • No cap on bandwidth
  • Routine backups
  • A built-in CDN for faster website load times
  • Industry leaders have but praises for Nestify


  • Can prove to be a bit pricey alternative for users as opposed to Bluehost or Hostgator
  • Limit on number of visits per month

To wrap it up

Nestify is a viable option when selecting managed WordPress hosting provider for your website. It has the upper hand in terms of speed, reliability and best of all, security. The hosting provider is trusted by marketers and bloggers alike around the globe, so it is an investment as good as any.

Cloudways Hosting Review 2019

If you are on the lookout for a seasoned website hosting platform for your business then Cloudways is a good choice. It allows users to garner immense power and helps them spearhead their projects.

You can easily create a cloud server with Cloudways and have it hosted on a cloud provider of your choice such as Amazon, linode or Google Cloud among other providers.

Also, you do not have to go through a lengthy setup process by creating accounts on these platforms. That’s the thing about Cloudways it does all of it by itself.

Shared hosting lets you host multiple servers whereas with Cloudways, dedicated resources are allotted to the user. Hence why you get increased performance and reliability. You can expect performance boosters with Cloudways technology such as PHP7, Varnish and HTTP/2 etc.

Let’s take a look at how you can set up your account with Cloudways and its other handy features.

Getting started

Cloudways Hosting Review 2019 15

Cloudways is meant for professionals. So if you are looking to get started all you have to do is click on ‘Getting Started’ button and it will take you for a walkthrough on how to settle in.

With a Cloudways account you can log in to Github and LinkedIn with ease or you can always enter your credentials and log in manually.

The technology is high-end but it does not shy away from letting users creating the server as if it were a cakewalk. You can choose from applications such as Magento, Drupal or WordPress etc. and be on your way!

Next thing, it lets you choose the cloud provider of your preference (as already stated above). It also provides you with the liberty of selecting server size and location of your data center. The list of locations could range from anywhere between New York, Amsterdam, Toronto or Bangalore; you name it!

Pricing and server size will vary depending on the cloud provider, you decide on.

Assembling the site

Cloudways Hosting Review 2019 16

When it comes to assembling the website, there are few things you can take advantage of with Cloudways. First off, you have the option of a custom control panel instead of a cPanel or Plesk-type setup.

It can prove to be a cumbersome job but with some speedy shortcuts courtesy of Cloudways, you can navigate this bit. You can quickly get to the setup page of your application in a matter of few clicks. For instance, if you find yourself without a domain, Cloudways will assign you one on a temporary basis.

From that point forward, you can work on the website like you would with any other site. The control panel previously referred to packs in some handy features such as a Monitoring tab. These are charts that detail your CPU’s usage over a period of time. It is an indicator of whether or not your system is heating up which can later cause performance issues.

Another standout feature is the Backup facility. It runs automatically in the background and lets you back up your data as per the demand. SMTP feature, on the other hand can enable you to schedule outgoing emails from your server.

With a Settings and Packages panel, you have the ability to configure PHP settings, MySQL versions and more! Furthermore, Security section helps you disable IP addresses which can leak your information to anyone who might be snooping on your data.

So if you have the necessary training and expertise, you will have no trouble playing with its features and in getting a website (especially WordPress) up and running, in no time!

The show it puts on

Cloudways Hosting Review 2019 17

If you want to leverage Cloudways to the maximum, it might be a good thing to refer to the walkthrough manual every now and then. For instance, you need to tap the ‘Need a hand?” tab and you will be provided with user-friendly articles on troubleshooting issues you might be facing.

Though Cloudways is intended mainly for well-versed developers and users with advanced expertise of hosting but the articles in Help Center are pretty much understandable even by a novice user. Actionable steps are detailed in a couple of sentences and jargons are kept to a minimum.

Try looking up WordPress and you will notice that not only articles pertaining to troubleshooting are available but also, on how you can migrate if from other web hosting services are laid out in plain English such as from GoDaddy or HostGator etc. Furthermore, bearing in mind the example of WordPress only, expect guides on its caching schemes as well as other issues.

With Cloudways you get a dedicated community which is there to lend out help to fellow users of Cloudways service. This gives you an insight as to what people are talking about and what kind of problems they run into.

The option for 24/7 live chat option is available and there is also an option to create a ticket from the user dashboard for speedy resolution. Performance wise, results have proven to be optimal – time and again. Response times from all over the world have been consistent which an impressive feat.

Much will depend on the selection of cloud provider and your location, in terms of speeds. However, Cloudways is not at all a poor choice if you are eyeing top-notch performance at an affordable price.

In conclusion

Cloudways Hosting Review 2019 18

Although, Cloudways doesn’t rank high when it comes to technical detail, nevertheless a user gets automatic installation of 12 of the most popular apps (WordPress, Drupal, OpenCart, PrestaShop, Joomla and SugarCRM etc.). With its generic PHP application, a user has the power to install other apps or you can always configure them manually.

If the website you are hosting isn’t too demanding, the installation of multiple applications is not at all difficult. Thus, each server can be assigned a different domain name with Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates as per the need. Cloudways comes with a 3-day trial and in order to bask in it you don’t have to enter your card details just your email address.

Kinsta Hosting Review 2019

Kinsta is a managed WordPress hosting provider and was established back in 2013. If you happen to be a user who isn’t merely looking to run marketing campaigns or is on a budget, Kinsta is for you. It is both reliable and fast.

By being a managed WordPress hosting provider it means that not only Kinsta lets you manage your website rather it also facilitates an environment which is specifically aimed at optimizing WordPress sites.

What is that exactly? It includes aspects such as security, caching and backups. All of these operations are handled by Kinsta thereby saving you time allowing you to take care of other matters in the meantime.

Rest assured, simply nothing can wrong on your website with Kinsta service backing it.

Loading times are fast. Now that does not mean lightning fast but enough to make you visitor stay and engage with your website. In turn letting you achieve objectives such as sales, improved conversion rate or mere increase in traffic.

In terms of their customer support, they are adequately trained to help you with any troubleshooting issues you might run into. They are equally equipped in tackling software level concerns. So much so that the staff on the company’s CS team have actually contributed in the development of WordPress.

Imagine the prowess on these guys!

And that’s not it, here some other offerings by Kinsta.

Google Cloud Platform

Kinsta Hosting Review 2019 20

You know what separates Kinsta from other managed hosting providers; it’s the company’s ability to employ Google Cloud Platform. This means that your website is managed and hosted on a Google infrastructure which is a feat in itself!


Come to think of it your website shares the same infrastructure as sites like Spotify, Coca-Cola and Snapchat etc. does.

To be hosted on Google Cloud Platform means that your website is getting a first-rate treatment. You can have it hosted on 17 different locations as a result. At the time of writing this, Hong Kong and Switzerland are currently not available for hosting.

Since GCP is scalable by definition so should your website proves to be groundbreaking in the future, the scalability factor will accordingly adjust to cater the huge spikes in user traffic.

Auto Backups

Kinsta Hosting Review 2019 21

As already stated, Kinsta supports automatic backing up of your website data so by default from the onset Kinsta is performing backups of your site. The backup is kept for 14 days minimum after which it is disregarded. But that is just for basic Kinsta plan. On higher plans, the minimum mark can be changed.

Also, restoring of backups is fairly simple. When restoring backup, you are provided with the option to either deploy it in the test or live environment. Moreover, if you have the cash you can speed up daily backups to every six hours or hourly by paying a monthly fee. As a user, you can always create manual backups and download them for later retrieval.

The Staging service

Kinsta Hosting Review 2019 22

Staging as the word implies means playing around with plugins, various customizations and edits in test environment without disrupting your live website. This lets you gauge which option best suits your website and which themes/plugins/code edits doesn’t.

From developers’ point of view, they can benefit from switching between different PHP versions, restarting them, and by accessing the New Relic PHP monitoring mechanism. It further enables the user to utilize the search-and-replace facility which helps him to modify contents of database to WordPress website.

Other Kinsta features

Kinsta Hosting Review 2019 23

If you thought that that was all, here’s why you should rethink. Following technical features highlights the dominance of Kinsta in the hosting services industry.

1. Website caching

Users are provided with four kinds of caching including in-house WordPress caching plugin and that of server-level caching.

2. PHP

As previously mentioned, with Kinsta you can switch between different versions of PHP at any given point in time – no questions asked. This includes versions 5, 6, 7, 7.1 and 7.2.

3. SSL

You have the ability to either settle for SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt or you can have your own SSL certificate installed.

4. Server file manager

SFM isn’t available at this time only FTP when accessing server space.

5. Email service

No email service either with any of Kinsta plans. We recommend relying on G Suite in the meantime.

6. CDN or Content Delivery Network

With basic Kinsta plan you get 50 GB KeyCDN usage but if you move on to higher plans more usage venues show up at user’s disposal.

7. HTTP/2.0

HTTP or 2.0 can be used on servers as well as on the CDN.

8. Plugin restrictions

Many hosting providers keep a ‘banned plugins list’. This is done to prevent website performance issues. These plugins range from security, optimization and caching.

9. Security measures

You can never be too safe in the current cyber sphere which is why security measures are already in place with Kinsta. Measures such as GeoIP blocking, proactive malicious code detection and DDoS scanning etc. are all present to ensure a safer website experience.

10. Post-hack clean up services

Yes, you guessed it. If for some reason, your website is hacked, guys at Kinsta will fix it for free!

11. WordPress website management

Updates to different plugins are installed through Kinsta dashboard but an automatic update feature is lacking. No way to update WordPress software either.

12. WordPress website migration

You can transfer data from your old website to Kinsta platform with its easy to use WordPress website migration tool. On premium packages the feature is available for free but folks with basic plan aren’t so lucky. Though for an extra $100, they too can have it.

13. Uptime checks

Status of your website is constantly monitored. Some say every five minutes so that the customer support team can keep tabs on how your website is functioning and in case of reported downtime, the matter is accordingly addressed.

14. Visitor analytics

Let users view the visitor activity on the website via Kinsta dashboard.

15. Support channels

A 24/7 live chat option is available, in addition to creating a ticket or contacting support over phone.

And much more!

Setting up account

Kinsta Hosting Review 2019 24

With Kinsta’s custom dashboard, creating your account is as simple as 1, 2, and 3! It’s easy to navigate portal allows you to set up new WordPress site, update plugins and manage backups in no time.

Furthermore, you are provided with ‘resource usage stats’ that show how much bandwidth you have consumed and list down visitor activity on your site. After the account is created, installation of WordPress is another run-of-the-mill procedure. If you are hosting more than one websites, they can all be managed by means of a single Kinsta dashboard.

Now, that’s saying something!

Performance and Final Word

Kinsta Hosting Review 2019 25

Kinsta is a ‘built for WordPress’ hosting platform which promises impeccable site speed which is why loading times with Kinsta are fast. Therefore, it will be safe to say that Kinsta is worthy of your time. With reliable managed WordPress hosting, Kinsta is one powerhouse of a hosting provider.

If all else fails, you can avail its 30-day money back guarantee so there’s nothing to lose here. What are you waiting for then, Christmas?

WPEngine WordPress Hosting Review

wpengine wordpress hosting

WP Engine is a managed WordPress hosting service and that’s it. You will find no ecommerce offering neither VPS nor dedicated servers therein. It is only meant to provide users with a good old fashioned WordPress service.

It greatly enhances the experience of managing your WordPress website. When you sign up to WP Engine, you are rewarded with some sign up bonuses such as a service test. The service tests WordPress for updates and any other patches before applying them to your site.

This is done to reduce hassle later on. If anything incompatible is discovered, it is immediately disregarded rather than being applied. Moreover, a tailored custom caching system is in place that overhauls the overall performance.

Real-time detection comes bundled in so if you are hacked while in the process of setting things up, the remedy of fixing the website is provided for free. What more is there to ask for?

The generosity is brought to you by none other than SLA (Service Level Agreement) of WP Engine. You can expect 99.9% of uptime, going in. If it is any less, 5% of your monthly fee is credited against your account. That’s how the team behind WP Engine make up for every lost by the user. Sounds too good to be true, right?

So you might find a majority of WordPress based website hosting providers which offer one-click installation, still none compares to WP Engine. Why? Even in addition to above? Well, for other providers WordPress is just a small bit of their overall product offering. For WP Engine, its entire product offering revolves around WordPress.

Setting up the account

WPEngine WordPress Hosting Review 27

After you have signed up and basked in its offering at the onset, WP Engine provides you with a table which is basically meant for users to compare its various plans and so that you, as a user, can carefully make a selection which one suits you the best.

Once you are done with the selection, you will be asked about where you wish to host your site. If you know where you want your site hosted, good. If you don’t then know this that WP Engine has data centers in most parts of the world including Belgium, Australia, Germany, UK and Taiwan among other countries.

Next, you are directed to a section where you are required to choose the payment method. You can choose from monthly billing, if you are low on cash. On the other hand, an annual option is available which gives you two months of free hosting service (should you opt for it). Oh, and you only make payments via credit card. No other payment modes are accepted.

After this, a welcome page opens up where you will see WP Engine account, the admin page of your WordPress site and the default URL that will have been assigned to you. You can always redirect this to your own domain later.

It will only take a few minutes before your website is created. An email detailing your password to WP Engine account can be found in your inbox. Follow the link therein and voila, you are all set! The email also happens to provide you with a summary of your site, the plan and pricing options you have opted for, in addition to resourceful links which can prove to be handy should you face issues later down the road.

Establishing a website

WPEngine WordPress Hosting Review 28

Now that everything’s in order, it is time you bring your WordPress website to life. How? Read on.

On the dashboard you will notice a section of alerts such as messages and news items. It can be somewhat annoying to the user since its cluttered. But if you navigate to the settings you can always redecorate the dashboard or you can just ignore that there is a cluster present.

When you click on the WP Engine plan, you will be shown your IP address, domain name, the version of WordPress/PHP under use and so on so forth. Also, there are mini-graphs that further elaborate on your website history such as bandwidth, visitor activity and the use of storage etc.

Traversing the interface can become a cumbersome job especially for newbies since the language is comprised of hosting jargons like CNAME records and Git push or domain-level redirects that can scare the s*** out of a user. But with some beginner knowledge beforehand, a user can safely get ashore.

Setting up DNS is even more complicated because it may be that your website is being relocated to an optimal server. WP Engine categorically states that they are “constantly ensuring your site is running to its fullest potential”, and “may migrate your site at any time”. This is to ensure 99.9% of uptime promised (as outlined above).

Past the DNS set up, everything becomes easier to tackle. A BlogVault-based Automated Migration helps you transfer an existing WordPress website to the one on WP Engine. A handy plugin and it does so by merely employing source server FTP credentials and destination URL.

Please note that the plugin won’t work with providers such as and SquareSpace etc. since they do not support SFTP access. As for more expert users, phpAdmin lets them import their existing WordPress site, manually.

If you are getting too overwhelmed by the information here, maybe you can try an alternative method which is to run the standard WordPress admin page. Although simpler but does not pack any default support for additional plugins or themes – all you are required is to click and it takes care of the installation business for you.

However, there is room for incorporating them (plugins/themes) if you are familiar with the environment meaning, by design, WP Engine doesn’t limit its users.

How does it fare performance wise?

WPEngine WordPress Hosting Review 29

You cannot put a label on WP Engine if it’s the best or worst. There are different aspects which need to be borne in mind for gauging the performance side of the hosting platform. Let us see some of them in turn.

WP Engine comes with automatic backup facility. As opposed to other hosting providers, it’s comes bundled in with your purchased plan and not as an addon priced separately. These backups run daily or you can run them as per the demand. You can only create backups for last 30 days, just so you know.

A Staging feature enables you to test your website before it goes live. You can test waters in this environment and identify any issues. It is also an opportunity to play around with different themes or plugins and see if they work for the site. None of what you do here affects your actual website.

There are built-in processes embedded in WP Engine which evaluate your website performance and assign it a score. Thus, you can figure out which areas require improving. It will also make suggestions for you to capitalize on. You will be able to monitor the changes in real-time and whether or not they bring desired results.

Furthermore, WP Engine can create a custom page for your WP Admin console. That way you are able to access the tools and certain settings with greater ease. You can configure your CDN or purge cache for WP Engine as well – very useful in the event of troubleshooting.

Advanced features comprises of HTML Post Processing which can help you tweak the HTML for a website once it’s rendered. Did you know WP Engine automatically keep plugins, which might in any way hamper your overall site experience such as slow load time, at bay? Simply put, you won’t be allowed to install them. That’s extraordinary, no!? Can pose problems if there is something on that list you need, so yeah, there’s that.

Speaking of support, there is a support site specifically meant for providing users with walkthroughs on how to carry out installation and other guides meant to help you troubleshoot issues such as optimizing or speeding up your site and the likes thereof.

You can bank on their search engine to lookup articles on a variety of topics. The company’s 24/7 live chat option is another hit and can be relied on for help at any time. So on the whole, performance is decent.

In conclusion

It is a premium based service, no question about that but with its backups facility, Staging feature, caching and CDN integration, among other things it’s worth the price (hands down). With reliable offerings and performance better than most of its competitors, WP Engine has registered itself as a force to be reckoned with in the field of hosting platforms.

If you are still not convinced, remember its generosity also extends to a 60-day money back guarantee. Therefore, plenty of time to make up your mind and decide if this is the service to settle for.