Kinsta Hosting Review 2023 1

Kinsta Hosting Review 2023

Kinsta is a managed WordPress hosting provider and was established back in 2013. If you happen to be a user who isn’t merely looking to run marketing campaigns or is on a budget, Kinsta is for you. It is both reliable and fast.

By being a managed WordPress hosting provider it means that not only Kinsta lets you manage your website rather it also facilitates an environment which is specifically aimed at optimizing WordPress sites.

What is that exactly? It includes aspects such as security, caching and backups. All of these operations are handled by Kinsta thereby saving you time allowing you to take care of other matters in the meantime.

Rest assured, simply nothing can wrong on your website with Kinsta service backing it.

Loading times are fast. Now that does not mean lightning fast but enough to make you visitor stay and engage with your website. In turn letting you achieve objectives such as sales, improved conversion rate or mere increase in traffic.

In terms of their customer support, they are adequately trained to help you with any troubleshooting issues you might run into. They are equally equipped in tackling software level concerns. So much so that the staff on the company’s CS team have actually contributed in the development of WordPress.

Imagine the prowess on these guys!

And that’s not it, here some other offerings by Kinsta.

Google Cloud Platform

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You know what separates Kinsta from other managed hosting providers; it’s the company’s ability to employ Google Cloud Platform. This means that your website is managed and hosted on a Google infrastructure which is a feat in itself!


Come to think of it your website shares the same infrastructure as sites like Spotify, Coca-Cola and Snapchat etc. does.

To be hosted on Google Cloud Platform means that your website is getting a first-rate treatment. You can have it hosted on 17 different locations as a result. At the time of writing this, Hong Kong and Switzerland are currently not available for hosting.

Since GCP is scalable by definition so should your website proves to be groundbreaking in the future, the scalability factor will accordingly adjust to cater the huge spikes in user traffic.

Auto Backups

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As already stated, Kinsta supports automatic backing up of your website data so by default from the onset Kinsta is performing backups of your site. The backup is kept for 14 days minimum after which it is disregarded. But that is just for basic Kinsta plan. On higher plans, the minimum mark can be changed.

Also, restoring of backups is fairly simple. When restoring backup, you are provided with the option to either deploy it in the test or live environment. Moreover, if you have the cash you can speed up daily backups to every six hours or hourly by paying a monthly fee. As a user, you can always create manual backups and download them for later retrieval.

The Staging service

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Staging as the word implies means playing around with plugins, various customizations and edits in test environment without disrupting your live website. This lets you gauge which option best suits your website and which themes/plugins/code edits doesn’t.

From developers’ point of view, they can benefit from switching between different PHP versions, restarting them, and by accessing the New Relic PHP monitoring mechanism. It further enables the user to utilize the search-and-replace facility which helps him to modify contents of database to WordPress website.

Other Kinsta features

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If you thought that that was all, here’s why you should rethink. Following technical features highlights the dominance of Kinsta in the hosting services industry.

1. Website caching

Users are provided with four kinds of caching including in-house WordPress caching plugin and that of server-level caching.

2. PHP

As previously mentioned, with Kinsta you can switch between different versions of PHP at any given point in time – no questions asked. This includes versions 5, 6, 7, 7.1 and 7.2.

3. SSL

You have the ability to either settle for SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt or you can have your own SSL certificate installed.

4. Server file manager

SFM isn’t available at this time only FTP when accessing server space.

5. Email service

No email service either with any of Kinsta plans. We recommend relying on G Suite in the meantime.

6. CDN or Content Delivery Network

With basic Kinsta plan you get 50 GB KeyCDN usage but if you move on to higher plans more usage venues show up at user’s disposal.

7. HTTP/2.0

HTTP or 2.0 can be used on servers as well as on the CDN.

8. Plugin restrictions

Many hosting providers keep a ‘banned plugins list’. This is done to prevent website performance issues. These plugins range from security, optimization and caching.

9. Security measures

You can never be too safe in the current cyber sphere which is why security measures are already in place with Kinsta. Measures such as GeoIP blocking, proactive malicious code detection and DDoS scanning etc. are all present to ensure a safer website experience.

10. Post-hack clean up services

Yes, you guessed it. If for some reason, your website is hacked, guys at Kinsta will fix it for free!

11. WordPress website management

Updates to different plugins are installed through Kinsta dashboard but an automatic update feature is lacking. No way to update WordPress software either.

12. WordPress website migration

You can transfer data from your old website to Kinsta platform with its easy to use WordPress website migration tool. On premium packages the feature is available for free but folks with basic plan aren’t so lucky. Though for an extra $100, they too can have it.

13. Uptime checks

Status of your website is constantly monitored. Some say every five minutes so that the customer support team can keep tabs on how your website is functioning and in case of reported downtime, the matter is accordingly addressed.

14. Visitor analytics

Let users view the visitor activity on the website via Kinsta dashboard.

15. Support channels

A 24/7 live chat option is available, in addition to creating a ticket or contacting support over phone.

And much more!

Setting up account

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With Kinsta’s custom dashboard, creating your account is as simple as 1, 2, and 3! It’s easy to navigate portal allows you to set up new WordPress site, update plugins and manage backups in no time.

Furthermore, you are provided with ‘resource usage stats’ that show how much bandwidth you have consumed and list down visitor activity on your site. After the account is created, installation of WordPress is another run-of-the-mill procedure. If you are hosting more than one websites, they can all be managed by means of a single Kinsta dashboard.

Now, that’s saying something!

Performance and Final Word

Kinsta Hosting Review 2023 7

Kinsta is a ‘built for WordPress’ hosting platform which promises impeccable site speed which is why loading times with Kinsta are fast. Therefore, it will be safe to say that Kinsta is worthy of your time. With reliable managed WordPress hosting, Kinsta is one powerhouse of a hosting provider.

If all else fails, you can avail its 30-day money back guarantee so there’s nothing to lose here. What are you waiting for then, Christmas?

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