Best Agency Hosting of 2023 1

Best Agency Hosting of 2023

How Does Agency Hosting Works?

For any agency, selling the website hosting services is not a cumbersome task. Why? It is because if you are already an owner of a website, it is relatively easy for the agency to upsell hosting service.

You do not need a separate account neither a different infrastructure to achieve this objective. Developers on board are already familiar with the service they are employing to develop websites, naturally, there is nothing which can go wrong.

The overhead expenses are slim to none, revenues are recurring and the ingredients are all present to take your agency service to the next level.

Let us now take a look at three of the finest agency hosting services that you can count on for scaling.

Score Features
Best Agency Hosting of 2023 2

Starts From $199

Standard DDoS Protection CloudFlare CDN Backup Drive cPanel/WHM & Plesk Onyx Available Dedicated IP Address Business-grade SSD Storage
Best Agency Hosting of 2023 3

Starts From $10

1-click App Deployment & Free Migrations Unlimited WordPress Installs FREE SSL Certificates 24/7/365 Online Support Pay As You Go – No Contract Required
Best Agency Hosting of 2023 4

Starts From $105.69

FREE Website Transfers & Migrations 24/7 Expert Support Corero based Multi-Layer Defense

1. Liquid Web

Liquid Web Hosting should be your first pick when it comes to providing agency hosting services. It is purpose built for catering agency hosting needs. No matter if the projects are big or small, Liquid Web will help you manage both simpler and intricate server hosting environments.

liquid web hosting

In the 20 years that Liquid Web has been in the industry, agencies have long trusted the name and have banked on it for providing exceptional hosting services. You can expect 24/7 specialized support, and you will not have to hire any Sysadmin in-house for navigating the turf.

Experts at Liquid Web like to think of themselves as the extension of your in-house team.  So for any troubleshooting, all you will be required to do is get in touch with them. Their hosting plans are composed of dedicated servers, cloud and VPS etc.

2. Cloudways

Agencies work as a team and that is an underlying theme for any agency to function. There is a concept of in-house teams and then there are teams that stay in touch from a distance, say, from a different region altogether. That is where Cloudways hosting can prove to be of service.

cloudways hosting

You can work collectively such as for when assigning credentials, staging of environments to operate in and can even establish Git workflows – effortlessly through Cloudways hosting for agencies.

With a Cloudways subscription, you get access to hosting any number of websites, plus, you are provided with email addons to bask in such as SMTP for ease in communication with the clients.

Furthermore, you get security patching, meaning a dedicated Cloudways resource is diligently overseeing your server status. There, that takes care of the troubleshooting half.

You also get features such as dedicated servers, management of migrations is easier, and all your bills are bundled together under just one account saving you the hassle of juggling through multiple accounts. You can consider Cloudways as a best hosting for the agency website.

3. InMotion

The hosting service has been around for quite some time now, 2001 to be exact, and happens to be from among the leading ones out there. InMotion plans come with amazing features that would favor any agency hosting at a mere price of $2.95/month.

inmotion hosting

You get malware protection, DDoS protection, WordPress website builder and spam protection etc. And that’s not it; from a technical standpoint you get support for PHP, Python and Ruby among other programming languages.

Now that we know the top WordPress agency hosting services, it is time to look into a few other aspects of agency hosting.

How Much Does A Web Agency Charge For Hosting?

Well, that depends. If the requirements are complex and as a client, you intend to cater a high amount of traffic, the cost can be in thousands of dollars on a monthly basis.

It would also vary based on the level of service expected from the web hosting agency. That can be gauged from the list features each hosting platform packs. The more the features, the higher the cost charged by the concerned agency.

From the agency’s point of view, cost ought to be calculated based on average time which will be invested on the hosting for over a month which will then be multiplied by the hourly rate. That amount would then be added to the cost of hardware. Moreover, you will need to have contingency reserves in the case of emergency work, backups, proactive server monitoring and the likes thereof.

Success Factors To Watch Out For In An Agency Web Hosting

Following factors make agency web hosting a success:

  1. A process whereby your agency can tackle the load of support calls without the need for an expensive account manager to do this for you.
  2. Mechanism to oversee non-hosting issues. Meaning, problems that does not directly pertain with the hosting service, instead the client agrees to pay for them should any pop up.
  3. A Sysadmin in place or a well-versed technician who can keep track of whether or not the hosting service is performing adequately for the client.
  4. Arrangement where clients do not mind paying the agency for the regular Content Management System (CMS) updates.

So if you got all of the above covered, congratulations you have a winner in the form of agency hosting on your hands!

Which Should I Settle For?

That is an open-ended question and may vary depending on your size and clients’ needs. For now you have the best names in the business at your disposal, in addition to costing and success metrics for any agency (website) hosting service.

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