Best VPNs for FuboTV in 2024

If you love everything and anything that has to do with sports, then you will feel right at home with FuboTV. Sports addicts will get their fix from FuboTV, but that could be a problem if they are travelling or live abroad altogether. The reason why this could be a problem is because of geo-restrictions. Due to geo-restrictions sports addicts, like yourself, will not be able to access the service. Just because you are in another region, you will be prevented from accessing the service and all of its content. All is not lost though, as you can unblock the service using a VPN.

Not just any VPN will do, as you will need an effective one that will unblock the service all the while keeping you safe and secure online. To make your search easier, here are a couple of VPNs that will meet and exceed your expectations.

Score Features
Best VPNs for FuboTV in 2024 2

Starts From $2.99

Strict no logs policy DNS leak protection 62 VPN locations No Restrictions Get assistance 24/7
Visit Site
Best VPNs for FuboTV in 2024 3

Starts From $8.32

Easy-to-use VPN No Restrictions 148 VPN locations 24/7 customer service 30-day money-back guarantee
Best VPNs for FuboTV in 2024 4

Starts From $5

No Logs Policy Easy-to-Use Apps 70+ Worldwide Server No Restrictions G24/7/365 Support
Best VPNs for FuboTV in 2024 5

Starts From $3.5

Servers in 60+ Countries Dedicated Servers for Torrenting No-Logs Policy Multiple Protocols Support The Ultimate Killswitch 24/7 live chat support
Best VPNs for FuboTV in 2024 6

Starts From $4.37

Connect up to 12 Devices Zero-logging VPN Servers in 46 Countries 24/7 customer support 30-day money-back guarantee

1. NordVPN


NordVPN takes the first sport due to its reputation in the industry. It is one of the best VPNs out there, offering 4000+ servers across 60 countries. With NordVPN you get the best infrastructure, ensuring you access geo-restricted content or services with ease, not excluding FuboTV. It is as simple as connecting to a US VPN server with a single click to watch your favorite shows on FuboTV.

As for security, you will get nothing but the best. You get 256-bit AES security, SHA256 authentications and so much more!

2. ExpressVPN


ExpressVPN is right up there with NordVPN in terms of quality and reputation. This VPN too has a large network of servers, 1000+ servers across 94 countries to be more precise. Rest assured, you will be able to access all the restricted content your heart desires. If need be you can connect to servers geographically, regardless of where you are located.

This VPN provider is great largely because of the fact it delivers blazing fast speeds, which is exactly what you need to stream FuboTV.

ExpressVPN has almost the same features as NordVPN. You get the same 256-bit AES encryption and SHA256 authentication. Additionally, you also get IPv6 leak and DNS protection, and even a kill switch for that matter.

3. VyprVPN

VyprVPN comes right after NordVPN and ExpressVPN. It offers just as much as the VPNs mentioned above, and is great for travelers.


Internet users can connect to US VPN servers effortlessly to watch their favorite shows and channels on FuboTV. The VPN provider masks your internet traffic, ensuring nobody knows what you do online. Not even your own ISP will be able to track you. Apart from enjoying great privacy, this also ensures your ISP does not throttle your bandwidth, meaning you will get superior internet speeds.

4. CyberGhost

cyberghost vpn

CyberGhost may not be as extraordinary as the VPNs mentioned above, but that is no reason for you to gloss over it. One of the best things about this VPN provider is that it offers basic VPN features, which would otherwise be ignored by other VPN providers. Whether it is security, anonymity or unlimited bandwidth you are looking for, this VPN service delivers the absolute best no matter what.

Simply put, quality is what you will get with CyberGhost.

5. Strong VPN

If the name does not give it away, what sets this VPN apart from the rest of the crowd is that it offers a n impressive number of security features. One thing is for certain, when using Strong VPN, you will not have to worry about being hacked or compromised ever again.

Best VPNs for FuboTV in 2024 7

Here, you get 256-bit AES encryption and an outstanding 2048-bit RSA encryption protocol to keep your internet data under lock and key.

You can use Strong VPN to watch your favorite content on FuboTV too, but the bandwidth may be lacking due to the additional layers of security the VPN provider offers.

If you were having a hard time accessing FuboTV at home or abroad, these VPNs will fix all your problems for you, and that is a fact.

Best VPN for Hulu in 2024

If you want to watch Hulu and all of its content, then you are going to have a hard time doing so. Believe it or not, but you are restricted from the internet in its entirety because of something as trivial as geo-restrictions. This means, the content you get will be vastly different from what you will come across on Hulu Canada. This can be frustrating for those that want to watch a specific movie or TV show, but can’t do so because of geo-restrictions. Fortunately, this can be fixed with the help of a VPN.

But which VPN is perfect for you? To aid you in your cause, here are the best VPNs for Hulu in 2023 that actually work.

Score Features
Best VPN for Hulu in 2024 9

Starts From $2.99

Strict no logs policy DNS leak protection 62 VPN locations No Restrictions Get assistance 24/7
Visit Site
Best VPN for Hulu in 2024 10

Starts From $8.32

Easy-to-use VPN No Restrictions 148 VPN locations 24/7 customer service 30-day money-back guarantee
Best VPN for Hulu in 2024 11

Starts From $3.5

Servers in 60+ Countries Dedicated Servers for Torrenting No-Logs Policy Multiple Protocols Support The Ultimate Killswitch 24/7 live chat support
Best VPN for Hulu in 2024 12

Starts From $3.99

Unlimited Bandwidth and Server Changes Dedicated, Live Tech Support Military-Grade Security and Encryption 45 Day Money Back Guarantee Servers in 25 Countries Connect up to 5 Devices
Best VPN for Hulu in 2024 13

Starts From $3.82

Military-grade Encryption ZERO Data Logging Policy VPN Servers in 59+ Countries IPv6 Leak Protection 30-day money-back guarantee 6 Simultaneous Connections

1. NordVPN

If you want to overcome Hulu’s block, then you should look no further than NordVPN. You have thousands of servers available on your disposal, with 1800+ of them being in the US alone. You won’t have to worry about connecting to an overloaded server, so you will get blazing fast speeds for an amazing streaming experience.


Servers are constantly being added to the network, making unblocking Hulu a breeze.

Apart from speeds and servers, they offer valuable features with customer support 24/7. If you want to give the VPN a go, do so without thinking twice, since you do get a 30-day money back guarantee after all.

2. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN comes highly recommended as it manages to offer bufferless streaming. It may not be as great as NordVPN for unblocking Hulu, but it does not lack either.


ExpressVPN ensures you have a smooth experience while accessing Hulu. If you do come across a problem, you can count on the customer support team to get you out of any jam.

Apart from fast connections, you have 100+ servers in the US alone to benefit from. With features like split tunneling and whatnot, you can never go wrong with ExpressVPN.

3. CyberGhost

CyberGhost does what other VPNs fail to accomplish, it delivers a user friendly interface which makes streaming a breeze for those that are not entirely tech savvy.

cyberghost vpn

After being revamped recently, CyberGhost has fixed a majority of its problems from before. It is easy to use to stream geo-restricted content via premade profiles for a myriad of different activities. Basically, all it takes is a few clicks to do what you have to do without being compromised online ever again.

You have an outstanding customer support team to rely on with CyberGhost. But this time, if you are not satisfied, you have a 45-day money back guarantee instead of the usual 30-day with other VPNs.

4. Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield is immensely popular, and after a few updates, it is a lot better than it was before.

The free version will not get you unrestricted access to Hulu, which is why you will need to get the Hotspot Shield Elite subscription.

Hotspot Shield vpn

You can access numerous servers in the US, Japan and Canada; with great speeds to ensure you enjoy a seamless experience streaming on Hulu.

The VPN may be pricey, so you will need to evaluate whether it is worth it for you in the long run or not. But then again, this VPN too offers a 45-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

5. PrivateVPN

PrivateVPN offers Hulu unblocking at an unbelievable price, which is not common with the other VPNs out there.

Of course, you won’t have as many servers to choose from, but the VPN will get the job done.

Best VPN for Hulu in 2024 14

PrivateVPN is a smaller VPN, but it has made a name for itself in a short amount of time. You get full control of each server you connect to, all the while benefit from a no-log policy to keep your privacy intact.

The good news here is you do have a 7-day free trial to take advantage of, but you won’t have access to live chat for customer support.

With the VPNs mentioned above, you don’t have to be in Japan, Canada or the US to enjoy Hulu’s content. No matter where you are, Hulu will be few clicks away.

Best VPN for iPad in 2024

Even though iOS is one of the most secure operating systems, it still has a few loopholes in terms of privacy and security. This is even more of a problem considering how people these days are quite reckless about their iOS devices, more specifically their iPads. Even though they may not use it much, except for their entertainment needs, they tend to ignore taking appropriate steps to stay safe and secure online. For this purpose, a VPN can help a great deal.

Despite there being numerous VPN providers out there, not all of them are specifically built to cater to iPads. If you are looking for the top VPNs for your iPad in 2023, then read on.

Score Features
Best VPN for iPad in 2024 16

Starts From $8.32

Easy-to-use VPN No Restrictions 148 VPN locations 24/7 customer service 30-day money-back guarantee
Visit Site
Best VPN for iPad in 2024 17

Starts From $4.12

Zero Traffic Logs User-friendly Apps VPN Servers in 60+ Countries 24/7 customer support 7-day money-back guarantee
Best VPN for iPad in 2024 18

Starts From $2.99

Strict no logs policy DNS leak protection 62 VPN locations No Restrictions Get assistance 24/7
Best VPN for iPad in 2024 19

Starts From $2.91

P2P Support Connect up to 5 Devices Multiple VPN Gateways No traffic logs Servers in 33 Countries
Best VPN for iPad in 2024 20

Starts From $2.51

VPN Kill Switch 34+ Server Locations No Logging Policy Multiple VPN Protocols Connect up to 5 Devices 24/7 Customer Support

1. ExpressVPN

You get 2000 servers in 148 locations, which is more than enough if accessing content is all you ever want to do with a VPN. But there is a lot more to ExpressVPN than meets the eye.


ExpressVPN aces all performance tests, and it even has a dedicated app for iPads with support for iOS 8 or higher. The app is well organized, so you can connect to the server of your choice with a click. Even if you have an older iPad, you can still run ExpressVPN, albeit you will need to follow instructions to setup the VPN manually.

You get up to 256-bit AES military grade encryption with support for protocols like PPTP, L2TP and OpenVPN. The only problem with this VPN provider is that the iOS app lacks a kill switch feature.

You will be pleased to know ExpressVPN does not log your traffic data, or any other data for that matter that can be used to identify you.

Visit Site

2. IPVanish

IPVanish offers 1100+ servers in 60+ locations. You will get excellent speeds, thus ensuring you do not have issues downloading or uploading data no matter how far you may be from the VPN server you have connected to.

ipvanish vpn

There is a dedicated Vpn for iPad, but it supports iOS 9 and above. Within the app you will get advanced and basic features, including and not limited to purpose selection and much more.

When it comes to security, you get PPTP protocols, IPSec and IKEv2 with up to 256-bit military grade encryption. Here too the app lacks the kill switch feature. The VPN provider does not keep logs, so you will not have to worry about being compromised.

The pricing may be a bit high, nor does the IPVanish offer a free trial period, but you do get a 7-day money back guarantee if you are not pleased with the service as a whole.

3. NordVPN

NordVPN for iPad manages to deliver an exceptional 5205 servers in 62 locations, all the while being able to deliver impenetrable security and privacy.


The app for iPad is user-friendly, but the interface is clunky and underwhelming. The app will run on iPads with iOS 9 and above.

NordVPN steals the show due to its security features. You get the kill switch feature which is lacking in most VPNs on this list. You get double data encryption too, thus ensuring your data is transmitted across two different VPN servers for greater security. You won’t have to worry about your information being logged here, which is good to hear.

4. PIA

PIA offers 3090+ servers in 52 locations, and it balances performance and price rather well.

Best VPN for iPad in 2024 21

The native client for iPad supports iOS 9 and above. PIA’s app works really well, but it does lack some features here and there.

You have the option choose between 128-bit and 256-bit encryption protocols. There is a kill switch too, so you don’t have to worry about being exposed due to a disconnection.

PIA does not offer a free trial, but the plans are quite affordable. If the service disappoints you in any way, you can always fall back on the 7-day money back guarantee.

5. SaferVPN

SaferVPN may not offer as many servers as other VPN providers on the list, but it makes up for it by offering the most affordable VPN of them all. It has 700+ servers in 34 locations, and it does rather well as seen in performance tests.

Best VPN for iPad in 2024 22

The provider supports PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN and IKEv2 protocols with options for 128-bit and 256-bit encryption. The app for iPads protects users even if they are connected to unsecure Wi-Fi networks. No data is collected related to your online activities, although Safer VPN does keep records for session data.

What is interesting about this VPN service is that you have a 24-hour free trial, which is great to assess whether the VPN is worth your money or not.

Best VPN for Streaming Game of Thrones 2024

Now that Game of Thrones is here, the first episode has left fans wanting more. However, there are quite a lot of people that were unable to watch the first episode due to Geo-restrictions. As frustrating as geo-restrictions can be, they can be dealt with for good using a VPN. But not just any VPN will do. To access HBO, a robust VPN will be needed. But how does one determine which VPNs are great for streaming Game of Thrones?

To aid you in your cause, here are the best VPNs for streaming Game of Thrones.

Score Features
Best VPN for Streaming Game of Thrones 2024 24

Starts From $2.75

Servers in 60+ Countries Dedicated Servers for Torrenting No-Logs Policy Multiple Protocols Support The Ultimate Killswitch 24/7 live chat support
Visit Site
Best VPN for Streaming Game of Thrones 2024 25

Starts From $2.99

Strict no logs policy DNS leak protection 62 VPN locations No Restrictions Get assistance 24/7
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Best VPN for Streaming Game of Thrones 2024 26

Starts From $8.32

Easy-to-use VPN No Restrictions 148 VPN locations 24/7 customer service 30-day money-back guarantee
Best VPN for Streaming Game of Thrones 2024 27

Starts From $1.99

Strict no Logs Policy Kill Switch Unlimited Devices Zero-knowledge DNS 24/7 Customer Service
Best VPN for Streaming Game of Thrones 2024 28

Starts From $3.82

Military-grade Encryption ZERO Data Logging Policy VPN Servers in 59+ Countries IPv6 Leak Protection 30-day money-back guarantee 6 Simultaneous Connections

1. CyberGhost

cyberghost vpn

Unlimited bandwidth and blazing fast speeds make CyberGhost a great choice for streamers. You will be pleased to know it has dedicated servers for HBO viewers!

With 3,600+ servers in 60 countries, you will be able to stream all the content you want. You get all of this with high-end security features, the kind that will keep your information secure through and through.

After purchasing a CyberGhost subscription, if you are not satisfied, you can take advantage of its 45-day money back guarantee.

2. NordVPN


With NordVPN you get unlimited bandwidth, high speeds and impenetrable security, which is exactly what you need for streaming Game of Thrones on HBO. It goes without saying you will get the smoothest streaming experience possible.

The VPN features 60+ countries for you to connect to, including US, which is necessary to access HBO Now. The best part? You will not have to change any of the settings to start streaming.

If you are worried about your private and confidential information, you will be pleased to know you will be protected by NordVPN’s military grade encryption. It has an automatic kill switch feature too, further ensuring your identity remains hidden at all times no matter what.

NordVPN has excellent customer reviews, laying testament to the fact that is the best VPN out there for much more than streaming Game of Thrones. If you want to test it out, you can check out its 7-day free trial. If you are not satisfied after getting a NordVPN subscription, you can take advantage of its 30-day money back guarantee.

Visit Site

3. ExpressVPN


Out of all the VPNs out there, ExpressVPN tops them all when it comes to speed. This is really useful if you want to stream Game of Thrones on HBO. You get access to specialized servers and unlimited bandwidth, meaning you will never have to worry about buffering issues during your Game of Thrones sessions.

ExpressVPN offers 3000 servers in 94 countries, not excluding high speed servers in the US as well. The VPN is not only great for streaming though, as it has exquisite security feature that will protect your information while ensuring you remain anonymous online.

If you are not satisfied with the VPN, you can take advantage of its 30-day money back guaranteed, without any questions asked. But before you want to make that kind of a commitment, you can check out its 7-day free trial.

4. Surfshark

Best VPN for Streaming Game of Thrones 2024 29

Surfshark is another great VPN for HBO Now. You get high speeds with access to servers around the globe. It comes packed with security features that will keep you safe and secure no matter what you stream online.

The VPN is compatible with most popular devices, while offering unlimited simultaneous connections support to ensure each and every device you own remains protected.

5. PrivateVPN

Best VPN for Streaming Game of Thrones 2024 30

If you are looking for a budget-friendly VPN, then PrivateVPN is exactly what you have been looking for. It features state-of-the-art security features and unlimited bandwidth. It is easy to use, making it great for people that are not all that tech savvy.

Even though there is no chat support, you can get some help from their customer support via remote assistance.

The VPN has a 7-day free trial, and even offers a 30-day money back guarantee to ensure users are completely satisfied with PrivateVPN’s offerings.

With the help of a VPN, you can stream Game of Thrones no matter where you are in the world. At the same time, you will not have to worry about being monitored or compromised, which is a good thing. But you only benefit from these features if you opt for any one of the VPN providers mentioned above, so take your pick and brace yourself for the next episode of Game of Thrones.

Best VPNs for Facebook in 2024

Where is Facebook blocked?

Many governments in the world do not allow for Facebook to be accessible by its people. There could be a number of reasons why a particular government wouldn’t allow it in a said region. But, a more common reason is to deny people freedom of speech or deprive them of internet freedom.

To them, it is considered a threat, threat to their stronghold. In a nutshell, Facebook is a platform which can easily make or break opinions and for certain parties the fact doesn’t go very well down their throats.

Hence, ban on Facebook.

It is not only annoying but impossible at the same time for people trying to access the largest social media platform in the world. This sorry state of affairs is prevalent in the following countries.

China: In the mainland China, Facebook cannot be accessed. A person maybe at a loss after hearing that a region as big as China – which is slated to become the next superpower does not allow its inhabitants to access Facebook. But it’s true and also because they want their people to rely more on home grown social networks.

Iran: Iran happens to be another region where Facebook is banned. Iran has a special cybersecurity force that tracks down banned websites and if found to be accessible, they shut them down. There are hefty penalties which are to be paid and even prison time if any individual is caught trying to bypass blocked content.

North Korea: North Korea is the worst of the lot, worst because majority of the population does not even have access to the internet, let alone Facebook. Talk about being without internet in 2019.

Syria: Facebook is blocked due to the political tension between the government and ISIS.

Vietnam: It is not officially banned in Vietnam – however, according to statistics only 15% of the population can access Facebook and that too, in their homes and not in any of the public places.

So if you happen to be living in the regions above, there are high chances that you are deprived of Facebook. Thus, the solution lies in a handy/decent VPN service that will let you bypass the geo-restrictions in place and by way of which you can enjoy Facebook by staying under the radar, without anyone knowing.

Following is a list of top VPNs for Facebook.

Score Features
Best VPNs for Facebook in 2024 32

Starts From $8.32

Easy-to-use VPN No Restrictions 148 VPN locations 24/7 customer service 30-day money-back guarantee
Visit Site
Best VPNs for Facebook in 2024 33

Starts From $2.99

Strict no logs policy DNS leak protection 62 VPN locations No Restrictions Get assistance 24/7
Best VPNs for Facebook in 2024 34

Starts From $3.5

Servers in 60+ Countries Dedicated Servers for Torrenting No-Logs Policy Multiple Protocols Support The Ultimate Killswitch 24/7 live chat support
Best VPNs for Facebook in 2024 35

Starts From $3.82

Military-grade Encryption ZERO Data Logging Policy VPN Servers in 59+ Countries IPv6 Leak Protection 30-day money-back guarantee 6 Simultaneous Connections
Best VPNs for Facebook in 2024 36

Starts From $2.25

P2P optimized servers Unlimited Bandwidth Internet Kill Switch Servers in 50+ Countries Connect up to 5 Devices

1. Express VPN

Express VPN does not require any introduction since it’s one of those brands that comes right at the top of your head. The provider has a variety of servers and locations in its offerings and easily is the best VPN when it comes to safeguarding your security online.


With an Express VPN subscription, you get simultaneous protection on three devices, optimized servers in 94 countries and above all, an excellent customer support! Rarely a customer support is appreciated but Express’s is worth mentioning. No matter what you need help troubleshooting, your issue usually gets resolved pronto!  

It is an expensive VPN but a little premium goes a long way. Unblock Facebook for $13 per month or for $100 yearly.

Visit Site

2. Nord VPN

Nord VPN is easily the best VPN you can opt for when it comes to accessing Facebook. It has support for six devices which means that with a single Nord subscription, you can access Facebook on different devices, all at once!


The number of servers are humongous – 3,350 in total. This signifies Nord’s commitment to providing you with the best in terms of security and privacy whenever you are trying to access blocked content in a region where, say, Facebook is banned.

Connect form any of the 60+ locations from around the world and become impervious to monitoring by government and surveillance agencies. You will find that speeds are decent and when it comes to watching your favourite streaming channels, it gives you a flawless experience!

Moreover, Nord VPN has a Double VPN feature that further strengthens your security by adding an extra layer of protection. On top of it, since Nord is headquartered in off-shore Panama, cyber security laws do not apply there which makes its operations risk free.

Nord brings you a kill switch, no logs policy and a 30 days money back guarantee – all in a single subscription.

3. Cyber Ghost

Cyber Ghost office is located in Romania which makes it a safe VPN as there are no restrictions in the country on providing VPN based services. If you are in a region where you wish to access your favourite shows on Netflix or any other streaming service, Cyber Ghost helps you bypass restrictions and delivers HD experience!

cyberghost vpn

It comes with over 1000 servers and is GDPR compliant, meaning, no browsing logs (does not tracks user activity online). Cyber Ghost does not keep logs for even connection metadata. Rest assured you can bask in its protection knowing that no government will ever know if you are using Facebook in their country.

Exciting, no?

Most VPN users in the world are fans of the service primarily due to its support for OpenVPN – a protocol that promises to secure your identity online in the strictest of sense. Furthermore, with a Cyber Ghost subscription, you get DNS and malware protection, internet kill switch, support for up to five simultaneous devices and a free trial.

4. Ivacy

Ivacy is Singapore based VPN service provider. Again, since it is based in Singapore, laws favor the operator. Ivacy comes with 256 military grade encryption, support for five devices (simultaneously), internet kill switch, Split Tunneling feature and is perhaps the cheapest VPN of all that are mentioned here.

Best VPNs for Facebook in 2024 37

With its 1000+ servers and over 50 countries worldwide, Ivacy lets you unblock sites no matter where you are such as Facebook among others. Its Purpose Selection feature lets you enjoy streaming, surfing and/or unblocking at a click by giving you the choice to connect from the most desirable location.

5. Private VPN

Another VPN provider which is situated outside of the US laws and serves as a gateway to bypassing geo-restrictions such as unblocking Facebook in different parts of the world where it’s banned. With Private VPN, you have access to over 80 servers which are spread across 55 locations around the world.

Best VPNs for Facebook in 2024 38

It has a no logs policy which prevents even the provider from keeping tabs on your internet activities. Private VPN offers great speeds that are great for streaming of sports and movies/TV shows without lags or slowing down.

In addition, Private VPN has a kill switch which immediately kills your internet connection in case the VPN disconnects. That way not for a moment’s time, your traffic passes through an unencrypted channel.

Private VPN also provides port forwarding and NAT firewall addons which are other rock solid online security improvement tools. You can subscribe to Private’s protection at $8.21 per month or for $54 on annual basis. All plans come with 30-day money back guarantee so what have you got to lose?

Why do you need a Facebook VPN?

In addition to political reasons outline in the first paragraph, you may need Facebook VPN for the following reasons as well.

While traveling to regions such as China or Iran, you will not be able to have access to Facebook on-the-go. So a Facebook VPN will let you access your favourite social media website with ease.

If you are at home and in a region that has Facebook banned, you need a VPN for Facebook in order to browse and scroll through your Facebook feed in a worry free environment.

Another reason why a Facebook VPN is essential is because workplaces and schools do not allow their employees or students to access Facebook. Facebook is often considered a distraction and a waste of time. Places such as offices and schools require attention and focus to study and perform task which is why employers/school staff restricts its access.

Ways to unblock Facebook at work/school or geo-restricted region via VPN

When you normally connect to the internet, your internet traffic goes through the servers of your ISP, meaning your ISP can monitor your online activities. With a VPN such as those highlighted above, an encryption tunnel is created. The traffic passing through your ISP servers initially now passes via the tunnel.

That’s how VPN obfuscation technology works. You real IP address is masked instead a different IP is assigned. Here’s how you can set it up.

  1. Choose your favourite VPN
  2. Select OpenVPN protocol (although you can select from other protocols as well)
  3. In regions where even VPNs are banned, use VPN cloaking such as in Express VPN
  4. For an even safer experience, turn on kill switch and DNS leak protection from within your VPN settings
  5. Select preferred server
  6. Hit connect

You can now enjoy using Facebook in complete anonymity.

Final word

In this article, we have not merely stated top VPNs for Facebook but also, which countries have banned Facebook, why Facebook VPN is essential for a number of other reasons, and how a VPN works for unblocking Facebook in school/workplace/country.

Take your pick carefully while evaluating each aspect. You don’t want authorities on your tail so scan for advanced features, number of servers and locations, protocols at your disposal and of course pricing (whether or not budget-friendly) before settling in.

Let us know in the comments what you think of the list and which VPNs failed to make it.

Best VPN for DirecTV Now of 2024

AT&T launched DirecTV Now as a means for regaining its market share. Since more TV viewers are moving towards online streaming instead of relying on traditional means, media corporations are doing whatever they can to stay in the game. Just like Sling TV, DirecTV Now is specifically for cord-cutters. This is an ever increasing group of people that are giving up traditional TV providers for online streaming services.

As for DirecTV Now, it offers 100+ channels for no more than $35/month. But if you are outside the US, and wish to access DirecTV Now, you will have a problem in your hands. Due to geo-restrictions, you will not be able to access DirecTV Now, but that can be fixed by using a VPN. However, not just any VPN will do, as you will need a reliable one that gets the job done without compromising your privacy and security online.

If you are looking for a reliable VPN that caters to DirecTV Now specifically, then the following VPN providers will do wonders for you.

Score Features
Best VPN for DirecTV Now of 2024 40

Starts From $8.32

Easy-to-use VPN No Restrictions 148 VPN locations 24/7 customer service 30-day money-back guarantee
Visit Site
Best VPN for DirecTV Now of 2024 41

Starts From $2.99

Strict no logs policy DNS leak protection 62 VPN locations No Restrictions Get assistance 24/7
Best VPN for DirecTV Now of 2024 42

Starts From $3.5

Servers in 60+ Countries Dedicated Servers for Torrenting No-Logs Policy Multiple Protocols Support The Ultimate Killswitch 24/7 live chat support
Best VPN for DirecTV Now of 2024 43

Starts From $4.12

Zero Traffic Logs User-friendly Apps VPN Servers in 60+ Countries 24/7 customer support 7-day money-back guarantee
Best VPN for DirecTV Now of 2024 44

Starts From $2.91

P2P Support Connect up to 5 Devices Multiple VPN Gateways No traffic logs Servers in 33 Countries

1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is great for streaming and grants fast VPN access. Its smart DNS service will have you unblocking geo-restricted content in no time. Additionally, your connection will remain encrypted as long as you remain connected to its VPN server.


The VPN provider offers a massive network of servers for you to choose from. Apart from the USA, it has countless servers across the globe, ensuring you get access to any and all content online without breaking a sweat.

ExpressVPN may be a bit pricey, but it is worth every penny, especially taking into account how many servers and features it manages to offer effortlessly. If you are not satisfied in any way, you can always fall back on its 30-day money back guarantee.

Visit Site

2. NordVPN

The VPN provider operates out of Panama, which is great for people that do not want to stick to VPN provider from the US. Even though it is not in the US, it has a strong presence there. You will find countless servers to connect to throughout the US. Members gain access to their entire network and beyond that at a fair price.


When it comes to its services for its asking price, you will be better off getting a subscription for a longer duration.

No matter what streaming service you want to access, including DirecTV Now, it will be as easy as 1-2-3.

3. CyberGhost

Founded in 2001, the VPN provider has come a long way since then. The enthusiastic team in Bucharest, Romania, has made sure the VPN service remains top notch no matter what. The team has made sure the service as a whole gives privacy the attention it deserves.

cyberghost vpn

You get a nice mix of strong encryption, unblocking capabilities and server locations with CyberGhost. You will feel right at home here if you want to stream DirecTV Now and nothing more.

The best thing about this VPN provider in particular is the fact that its clients are easy to use. They come with a handful of advanced features, making sure you get exactly the type of service you need in the first place.

4. IPVanish

No matter where you are, IPVanish will meet and exceed your expectations for streaming DirecTV Now. The VPN service works rather well in different regions. You get a countless supply of servers to connect to, making it great for your streaming and privacy needs.

ipvanish vpn

Other than Antarctica, the VPN service has servers in every continent. The network delivers consistently fast speeds, so you won’t have to worry about stuttering or lagging issues while streaming content on DirecTV Now.

In terms of value, IPVanish is difficult to beat. You get unlimited access to their network and specialized software, and in case you are not happy, you can take advantage of their money-back guarantee.

5. PIA

PIA, also referred to as Private Internet Access, gives users different options to choose from. They are no longer required to set up a profile for each individual VPN server. You can now connect to any one of their server locations from 25 countries whenever you desire.

Best VPN for DirecTV Now of 2024 45

The servers available for use are categorized by country, city and region. All you need to do is to select a location, and you are good to go.

Torrent users may prefer PIA for its kill switch feature, but it will work just as well for users that simply want to access DirecTV Now.

Hopefully, the VPNs mentioned above have made it easier for you to make an informed decision about VPN you want to use with DirecTV Now. No matter which one you choose, just make sure it meets your other online needs and requirements as well.

Best VPS Hosting Service of 2024

You can always get shared hosting to get your site up and running in no time, but it can get ugly pretty fast when you get more traffic than what was initially expected. If left unchecked, your site could slow down to a crawl, or worse, crash. To prevent such an instance from taking place, you should look into VPS hosting instead.

VPS hosting services involves splitting a single server into virtual machines. These virtual machines can run different operating systems giving you the ability to run custom configurations. Benefits of opting for VPS hosting include lower startup costs, easy upgrades, paying for services utilized and instant deployment.

Seeing how there are seemingly limitless VPS hosting solutions out there, choosing one that is best for you can be quite the hassle. To aid you in your crusade, here are the best VPS hosting solutions available in 2019.

Score Features
Best VPS Hosting Service of 2024 47

Starts From $119

3-5 Dedicated IPv4 IPs DDOS Protection 24/7/365 Live Support
Visit Site
Best VPS Hosting Service of 2024 48

Starts From $2.95

FREE Domain Registration FREE SSL Certificate 24/7 Support WP CLI cPanel & SSH Access
Best VPS Hosting Service of 2024 49

Starts From $105.69

FREE Website Transfers & Migrations 24/7 Expert Support Corero based Multi-Layer Defense
Best VPS Hosting Service of 2024 50

Starts From $119.99

FREE Domain Registration FREE drag and drop site builder 24/7 network monitoring 24/7 phone and chat support
Best VPS Hosting Service of 2024 51

Starts From $199

Standard DDoS Protection CloudFlare CDN Backup Drive cPanel/WHM & Plesk Onyx Available Dedicated IP Address Business-grade SSD Storage
Best VPS Hosting Service of 2024 52

Starts From $119.99

FREE Domain Name Registration Cloud-Based Flexibility Dedicated Resources 24x7 Support
Best VPS Hosting Service of 2024 53

Starts From $180

Free migration Free Website Builder 24/7 Support DDOS Protection GUI Based Control Panel
Best VPS Hosting Service of 2024 54

Starts From $99.59

24/7/365 Guru Crew Free Migrations Managed SSL Certificates Daily Backups
Best VPS Hosting Service of 2024 55

Starts From $3.95

Free SSL Certificates Daily Backups Staging Tool Free CDN
Best VPS Hosting Service of 2024 56

Starts From $27.45

Fully Managed Dedicated IP and Resources Automated Backups 24/7 Support

1. HostGator

HostGator has been around for quite some time now since 2002 to be more precise. It has come a long way since then and offers dedicated servers, shared hosting and VPS solutions. If that is not enough, they take care of search engine optimization, web design, and pay-per-click advertising as well. Basically, it is a one-stop shop for all your needs and requirements.

hostgator hosting

By getting their VPS solution, you have complete control. You can install custom configurations, the kind that will work best for your site in particular. Expect amazing scalability, something that is to be expected for a best VPS hosting service provider.

Visit Site

2. Blue Host

Blue Host has made a name for itself as an affordable shared hosting solution provider. It was founded in 2003, and over a decade it has come to manage two million websites.

bluehost hosting

If you choose Blue Host, you will get VPS hosted that is powerful and flexible at the same time. You are free to get additional space whenever needed and benefit from its one-of-a-kind multi-server management feature.

When the time comes to launch, there will be no downtimes here. Agreed, it does not offer additional RAM and CPU, but you get access to an enhanced panel to sort things for your website on the go.

3. InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting is specifically known for its VPS hosting. But then again, there is more to it than meets the eye.

inmotion hosting

Apart from VPS hosting, you also have dedicated and shared servers. Strangely, they also offer web designing.

InMotion’s VPS hosting is available as either self-managed or managed VPS servers.

The managed servers have a security update and management plan, so you can concentrate on your business without having to complicate things. Whereas, self—managed VPS servers are cheaper, since you will have to manage everything on your own. You do get access to several tools though.

4. iPage

iPage has been around since 1998, during which it has amassed over one million websites on its popular platform. The hosting solution provider is quite helpful, and go to the extent of helping their clients with their websites.

ipage hosting

As for the iPage’s VPS hosting, you have root access with advanced customization. No matter the environment, you can host it with iPage.

Their cloud-based VPS service is flexible, with migration options and instant provisioning. As an end user you can scale your site as you see fit. Essentially, they offer the kind of VPS hosting your business will need in the long run.

5. Liquid Web

Just like other hosting solutions provider on the list, Liquid Web is not new to the scene. It started operations 20 years ago, and offers WooCommerce-based websites, managed WordPress and dedicated hosting.

liquidweb hosting

The hosting solution provider is a will take on server administration tasks for you, like:

  • Proactive service monitoring
  • Managing hardware
  • Restoration of services
  • Security patches and updates
  • Managing the network and more

It’s VPS hosting plans are differentiated by disk space and RAM. Depending on the server, the customization Liquid Web offers can be customized.

6. FatCow

FatCow was started as a way to make hosting user-friendly. Here, you can get everything from VPS, shared hosting, standard hosting, WordPress management and dedicated servers. To keep things interesting, their website is a lot of fun to go through, mostly consisting of cow puns.

fatcow hosting

This VPS service provider is offered in the form of three different plans. All of the plans come with an easy-to-use control panel, customer support around the clock, root access and easy scalability.

7. Interserver

One of the best things about Inter Server is the fact that it comes with a price lock guarantee. This means whatever price you signed up for, you will keep it for as long as you stick around with Inter Server.

interserver hosting

Inter Server has 16 levels of VPS hosting on Windows and Linux operating systems. Anyone can find the VPS hosting they need without any hassles. Their VPS hosting agreement allows you to deploy as many apps as you want. If need be, you can bring clients over using their free migration feature too.

8. A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is extremely diverse with its plans. Additionally, it gives you the choice to control your site on your own, or let A2 gurus take care of that for you. WordPress users will not feel out of place here.

a2hosting hosting

You may end up paying a bit more than usual, but the features and benefits offered by A2 hosting make it worth your while.

9. SiteGround

SiteGround offers a ton bunch of interesting features, which is perfect for you if WordPress/E-commerce is your goal. Here, you won’t have to worry about handling security protocols, as SiteGround takes care of that on your behalf.

siteground hosting

The plans are priced the same as what low quality hosting solution providers, making it a worthy investment for those that want value for their money without compromising on quality.

10. Hostinger

This is by far the cheapest VPS hosting solution you can get your hands on. Their uptime can be a little better though, as it sits at 99.95.

Best VPS Hosting Service of 2024 57

Don’t expect free features or unlimited perks with Hostinger, but the page loading speeds are great, even more so than the industry average. If you are not happen, you can always take advantage of their 30-day money back guarantee.

Now that you know your options when it comes to VPS hosting, hopefully, you will find it easier to determine which one will best fit your bill. The above VPS web hosting providers list will give you a brief and best insight around VPS hosting service provider







Best VPNs for BBC iPlayer in 2024

If you are outside the UK, you will most definitely miss the BCC. Geo-restrictions will make it a hassle for you to access, watch and enjoy your favorite content on BBC iPlayer. Fear not, as there are a couple of VPNs that are fully capable of unblocking BBC iPlayer for you. Of course, not every VPN is great, which is why the following VPNs have only made it here after thorough testing. Without wasting anymore time, here are the best VPNs for BBC iPlayer in 2019.

Score Features
Best VPNs for BBC iPlayer in 2024 59

Starts From $2.99

Strict no logs policy DNS leak protection 62 VPN locations No Restrictions Get assistance 24/7
Visit Site
Best VPNs for BBC iPlayer in 2024 60

Starts From $8.32

Easy-to-use VPN No Restrictions 148 VPN locations 24/7 customer service 30-day money-back guarantee
Best VPNs for BBC iPlayer in 2024 61

Starts From $3.5

Servers in 60+ Countries Dedicated Servers for Torrenting No-Logs Policy Multiple Protocols Support The Ultimate Killswitch 24/7 live chat support
Best VPNs for BBC iPlayer in 2024 62

Starts From $3.99

Unlimited Bandwidth and Server Changes Dedicated, Live Tech Support Military-Grade Security and Encryption 45 Day Money Back Guarantee Servers in 25 Countries Connect up to 5 Devices
Best VPNs for BBC iPlayer in 2024 63

Starts From $3.82

Military-grade Encryption ZERO Data Logging Policy VPN Servers in 59+ Countries IPv6 Leak Protection 30-day money-back guarantee 6 Simultaneous Connections

1. NordVPN

With 420 servers in the UK, there is absolutely no reason why you won’t be able to unblocking BBC iPlayer with NordVPN.


The provider has a proven track record when it comes to BBC iPlayer. Recent improvements to their networks have enhanced speeds, meaning you will not have buffering issues at all.

The VPN provider does not shy away from providing handy features, like dedicated IP addresses and whatnot. Of course, you will have to pay a bit extra for this feature, but it is worth the price of admission.

Once you have subscribed, you will be pleased to know you can use a single account across 6 devices at the same time. You also get live support around the clock, so you do not have to worry about being on your own when encountered by a problem. If you think the VPN provider is no your cup of tea after subscribing, and are not satisfied, feel free to take advantage of their 30-day money back guarantee.

2. ExpressVPN

Tests have shown that ExpressVPN is by far the fastest VPN out there, so you will not have to worry about streaming issues, since lag or buffering issues will be a thing of the past.


ExpressVPN is a solid player for unblocking BBC iPlayer, and that is due to its highly optimized UK servers. Expect impenetrable privacy, amazing customer support and one better feature than the last.

No matter what UK server you choose to connect to, all of them support TCP and UDP protocols. With a no-logs policy, you can rest easy knowing you are in safe hands.

Even though BBC iPlayer has detection tools set in place to prevent users from accessing its content from anywhere but the UK, but ExpressVPN ensures you remain connected no matter what. If you do have a problem, their customer support team will do the needful to get you sorted right away.

3. CyberGhost

CyberGhost was not known for content blocking in the past, but it has come a long way since then. It has risen through the ranks, and is now recommended for unblocking content, not excluding BBC iPlayer.

cyberghost vpn

With CyberGhost, what you see is what you get. You get 150+ servers in the UK, zero connection or traffic logs and live chat support.

What sets this VPN apart from the rest of the rowed is the fact it offers customizable profiles. With just a few clicks, you can set up the client as you see fit to meet you own needs and requirements.

If you have a problem with anything, their customer support team is willing to go the extra mile to ensure you have a pleasant experience with CyberGhost.

When it comes to unblocking BBC iPlayer, it is safe to say CyberGhost will not let you down. And if it does, you can take advantage of its 45-day money back guarantee. Before you commit, you should check out the VPN provider via the 7-day trial it provides.

4. Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield has servers in 25 countries, meaning unblocking any website or content will be a breeze for you. This also applies to BBC iPlayer if that is all you need.

Hotspot Shield vpn

You get unbelievable speeds, ensuring you do not have to worry about stuttering issues. Since there is no limit on bandwidth, you can browse and stream all you want.

With a single subscription, you can use it across 5 devices at the same time. At the same time, you get the kind of security and privacy you need to ensure you are not being tracked or monitored.

Hotspot Shield shows a lot of promise, and it will exceed your expectations in terms of unblocking BBC iPlayer.

5. PrivateVPN

PrivateVPN is relatively low profile with a compact server network. It may be a small provider, but it has made quite the impression by offering excellent unblocking features at an affordable price.

Best VPNs for BBC iPlayer in 2024 64

Out of its 80 servers, 5 of them are in the UK. It may not be a lot, but it will get the job done if unblocking BBC iPlayer is your only need.

PrivateVPN does not disappoint in number of features it offers for privacy and security. It lives up to its name by providing a no-logs policy.

The only problem with this VPN in particular is the fact that there is no live chat support. You will be on your own if you have a problem, but then again, contacting PrivateVPN for a solution will not take as long as you would expect.

The aforementioned VPNs work flawlessly with BBC iPlayer, at least for now. Make the most of them to get your BBC iPlayer fix right away!

Best Enterprise WordPress Hosting Services of 2024

What is enterprise level hosting for WordPress?

In order to understand enterprise-level hosting, you first need to have the idea for what a web hosting is. If you are among the lot who knows, you can proceed and jump to the WordPress hosting options available at your disposal.

For those of you who need explaining, here goes;

Website hosting is a process whereby companies and businesses (simply put) buys internet space for making their websites accessible over the World Wide Web. That’s how websites are stored on servers or on specially designed computers and in turn, becomes accessible to us.

With the help of a hosting service, we as netizens are able to view the webpages and visit our favorite websites with ease.

Congratulations, you now stand awake from the slumber!

WordPress is the most bankable option when it comes to catering millions of traffic in website data which is why when looking for an enterprise-level hosting for WordPress, following key factors ought to be taken into account:

  1. The quality of the server infrastructure
  2. Is it possible that the hosting service can be scaled or expanded (if need be, in future)?
  3. The load which a server can withstand (very important)
  4. Developer tools to go with – are they first-rate when it comes to their quality?
  5. Customer support of the hosting company

All of these elements make up for an enterprise-level hosting (yes, you guessed it correct) for the company relying on WordPress for its online business needs.

Best managed WordPress hosting for enterprises

Managed WordPress hosting provides you with core administrative services such as help with installation of WordPress itself, speed, WordPress updates and routine backups etc.

Let’s see each in turn:

Score Features
Best Enterprise WordPress Hosting Services of 2024 66

Starts From $30

Powered by Google Cloud Unlimited visits/ pageviews Daily backups WP expert as support Hack fix guaranteeally tweaked
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Best Enterprise WordPress Hosting Services of 2024 67

Starts From $19

Fully managed Professionally tweaked Daily backups Malware scan Firewall, CDN ready
Best Enterprise WordPress Hosting Services of 2024 68

Starts From $10

1-click App Deployment & Free Migrations Unlimited WordPress Installs FREE SSL Certificates 24/7/365 Online Support Pay As You Go – No Contract Required
Best Enterprise WordPress Hosting Services of 2024 69

Starts From $15

Launch client sites fast Free demo sites Collaboration tools Auto-backups Bulk plans available
Best Enterprise WordPress Hosting Services of 2024 70

Starts From $20

1TB monthly Bandwidth SSD database Reddit™-ready CloudFlare w Railgun 24/7 live support
Best Enterprise WordPress Hosting Services of 2024 71

Starts From Custom

Globally distributed data centers Custom containerized hosting 24/7 operational support Hourly database backups with redundant file storage
Best Enterprise WordPress Hosting Services of 2024 72

Starts From $45

Up To 10 Sites Free Migrations Managed SSL Certificates Daily Backups 24/7 Chat Support

1. Kinsta

Kinsta is a newcomer in the market for enterprise-level hosting. However, Kinsta was quick to register its presence after first surfacing in 2013. It is a WordPress exclusive platform and does the heavy lifting as it is powered by none other than Google Cloud Platform, and entails a free content delivery network (CDN) for each of its plans.

kinsta hosting

You can expect support for Let’s Encrypt, WP-CPI, SSH and Git etc. Moreover, Kinsta can be counted on for its features such as ability to automatically scale among other things.

Pricing structure varies from $30 a month and up to $900 per month, but that will largely depend on your business size and needs. $30 to some can prove to be a bit pricey but for a company which had their cheapest plan priced at $100 initially, that’s a major improvement. SSD storage is merely 5GB which is obviously quite low.

Visit Site

2. WP Engine

A notable enterprise-level hosting company that basically serves as a benchmark for the companies that later followed in the hosting niche. WP Engine has something for everyone; beginner-friendly as well as developer-friendly hosting solutions.

wpengine wordpress hosting

WP Engine stands firm due to its variety of offerings such as the inclusion of CDN in each of its plans. For a business that is growing at a rapid pace, WP Engine offers the chance to scale at an equally rapid rate. With the said hosting service, you get automated migration at no additional cost!

Plus, the customer support is available 24/7, access to Genesis Framework and more than 35 StudioPress WordPress themes are at your disposal – all that and more with a WP Engine subscription. SSL certificates comes built-in.

WP Engine is often criticized for heavy alterations to the original WordPress code which is why transferring to another host for the customer becomes nearly impossible. As if this wasn’t enough, addons such as geotargeting and WordPress Multisite too become a costly affair.

3. Cloudways

Cloudways hosting isn’t far behind either. If your business is a growing one, you might want to take a peek at Cloudways for all your enterprise-level hosting needs. No matter, if it is the traffic witnessing a sudden peak, that particular website will continue to function, seamlessly without any downtime.

cloudways hosting

The service is made up of Google-powered Kubernetes (read: cluster of nodes), meaning if for a reason any cluster node goes down, another one takes its place and keeps the website up and running. As stated, Cloudways hosting can accommodate sudden traffic hikes due to its ability to scale with ease.

With Cloudways Advanced Support Addon your website hosting gets support on priority at no extra charge. Oh, and did we mention that a single Cloudways subscription with its Cloud Load Balancing and Cloud SQL can facilitate five active websites? Well, now you know.

4. Flywheel

Flywheel is a renowned hosting company in the world of enterprise-level. Their flagship hosting service goes by the name of ‘Flywheel Blue’ and is one of the highly sought-after plans. It is to Flywheel’s credit that its customers are provided with seamless to use development tools unlike other hosting companies.

flywheel hosting

Flywheel boasts an impressive clientele under its label such as the likes of Lenovo, Forbes, The Washington Post and University of Michigan. These names speaks volumes of credibility and trust that the hosting company has earned in the industry because a portfolio this BIG, certainly doesn’t come easy.

With a Flywheel subscription, you can expect a traffic of over 1 million, 5GB storage and a bandwidth usage of 5TB. Not coming slow, eh? Well, naturally the pricing is of the premium tier i.e. $2500/month. However, you get support for just one WordPress site. Not a bad thing per se.

Some other notable pros comprise of support for both hosting setups; GCP and AWS. With Flywheel’s customized account/dashboard, website management is a piece of cake! Furthermore, potential for scaling to encompass sudden surge in website traffic can be found with Flywheel.

5. Media Temple

Media Temple is easily the most recognizable hosting platform providers out there. A relatively new player in the market with respect to enterprise-level hosting for WordPress, their plans consists of classic hosting service along with a virtual private server (VPS).

Media Temple Hosting

At a price of $2500 a month, you will be provided with the ability to build hosting for up to five websites and a cloud storage of 1TB. Additionally, you get 1.5TB of bandwidth. Seriously, what more could you ask?

Option to expand the hosting setup as per the business needs is also available such as 10 Amazon EC2 instances.  

Similar to Pressable above, here you get a dedicated account manager to help you with setting up Media Temple. The account manager is also there to troubleshoot any issues that you might run into down the road.

6. WordPress

AKA WordPress VIP is yet another enterprise-level hosting solution primarily for but you must be thinking, “wait, isn’t free!?” You are correct but little do we realize that even the free version is made up of intricate hosting setup, behind.

While NOT free, WordPress VIP cater websites which are high profile/traffic extensive and which otherwise might not be available to a casual user. What sets WP VIP apart from its competition is its ability to provide clients with an impeccable customer support. After all, don’t we all want to be heard?

WordPress VIP has an impressive portfolio of websites in its arsenal such as Facebook, Spotify and UPS. As much as it is capable of handling any sort of load, before translating it onto WordPress VIP, your website code requires reviewing after which the company expert will have it deployed.

The whole process takes about 15 business days which can prove to be tiresome. But on the plus side, your code is scanned for any bugs and is optimized before being deployed. The initial setup fee can cost you about $15000 which makes it perhaps the priciest option in our list.

Remember, how you hated the message “Powered by” in the footer when using Well, here you get the same message. The only difference this time around would be “ VIP”. Yeah, its sucks.

7. Pressable

Pressable has been around for quite some time. The hosting platform was established in the year 2010 and specializes in sporting security and greater performance for any company running WordPress driven website.

pressable hosting

Pressable plans come with customization of all sorts and the company even caters to startups and not merely enterprises. So that’s a plus. Any Pressable customer can comfortably design a hosting solution suited to their needs.

With a monthly subscription of $750/month, you can expect a traffic of up to 5 million on your website. That’s saying something! Additionally, you also qualify for an unlimited amount of disk space and bandwidth usage. Launch as many as 100 WordPress installs with its single subscription.

How do you like them apples?

Furthermore, as a customer, you are assigned an account manager who will assist you in building that perfect setup for your business and will aim to advise you on getting the most out of your Pressable account.  Just that for a small company size, it boasts an expensive pricing structure.

Difference between ‘Shared’ and ‘Managed’ hosting

While we have covered some of the best WordPress managed hosting options above, in detail – there is always this debate about, “what if I were to opt for a shared hosting instead of a managed one”? To clear the air, it is imperative that distinctions must be made between the two.

Managed Hosting:

  • Regular updates are provided just like the Windows OS and are applied automatically
  • Backups are created automatically (daily or weekly, whichever method you choose)
  • Optimization for speeds through CDN is available as well as for database  
  • Security measures are high and rock solid
  • Packs the ability to cater traffic hikes AKA scalability optimization
  • Servers are specifically optimized for WordPress

Shared Hosting:

Shared hosting is referred to a manner whereby hosting companies hosts a large number of users on any given server rather than assigning them individually. Of course, it’s cheaper that way but talk about the load – it becomes difficult address sudden hikes in website traffic and there is no fall back plan either (in the case, if it were to happen). Basically, you get stuck.

Some notable distinctions as opposed to Managed hosting include,

  • Manual updating of service
  • Backups are possible only via third-party plugins
  • Security aspects are relatively low and poor
  • Speed optimization is also available through third-party plugins but packs zero optimization for database
  • Not just WordPress exclusive. Works with a variety of platforms and web scripts
  • Cap on the number of visits you can get on a particular website

To wrap it up

You cannot simply expect for anyone to just say it outright that ‘X’ platform is better than ‘Y’. Each of the enterprise-level hosting services have its pros and their respective cons. But that being said, these companies are flexible and can go an extra mile when it comes to suiting your business needs.

Therefore, you cannot put a label on either of them as the ‘best’ of them all. However, what this list can help you with is for you to do your homework or in other words, the list enables you take an informed decision. It all boils down to a comparative study between servers, customer service, pricing and developer tools being offered by the hosting company.

Best Headphones For Huawei Device in 2024

Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. is a Chinese multinational telecommunications equipment and consumer electronics manufacturer, headquartered in Shenzhen. Huawei introduced Honor as a subsidiary independent brand in China. 

In January 2015, Huawei launched the new P series with the Huawei P8. Huawei also partnered with Google to build the Nexus 6P in 2015. The current models in the P and Mate lines, the P20, P20 Pro, and Mate 20, were released in 2018.

Huawei has the most budget friendly phones in the market that you can’t ignore it any more. With increasingly premium smartphones on the market, the Chinese company is having a very good go at challenging Samsung, LG and Sony. In fact, it now outsells Apple globally. 

The company has flagship devices in its P and Mate lines that are among the best smartphones out there. The P series is slightly more mainstream thinking, while the Mates are often photo-minded tablets but the lines are beginning to blur. Luckily the users are left with excellent phones either way.

Huawei phone doesn’t have to be brand new to market. The older P10 models are still excellent phones, even if the P20 is very impressive. The P Smart is a cheaper way into the Huawei world, and you may even want to look at an older P-series phone to save a lot of money. It depends if you like Huawei’s EMUI Android skin, as it changes the stock experience quite dramatically.

The three versions of the Mate 20 series each with different price, design and features are also incredible.

Huawei has come from being a network equipment provider to a coveted consumer electronics brand in a matter of years.

Talking about headphones that support Huawei smartphones, there are quite a few in the market.

1. Sol Republic Tracks

Best Headphones For Huawei Device in 2024 74

The Tracks HD line of headphones should be at the top of every music lover’s list due to the great sound they produce, but they have some added benefits. The first is the ability to remix every element from the headband to the cable. Add one of Sol Republic’s $20 omnidirectional Clear talk cables to the bag to make any pair of Tracks HD Android-friendly therefore it supports all versions of Huawei smartphones. The mic delivers clear sound for phone calls, even when there’s a bit of noise in the background. The control cord has just one button for play/pause or answer/end call. There are dozens of Tracks HD styles and colors, but my favorites are the metallic blue Tracks Ultra. They’re beautiful and work for both men and women.


Our Score

Buy Now

2. Plantronics Backbeat GO

Best Headphones For Huawei Device in 2024 75

For more control or fewer wires, take a look at the Backbeat GO earphones. They connect to Android phones and media players via Bluetooth, so compatibility isn’t an issue. The controller will not only answer or end calls but also play, pause, and skip tracks as well as control volume. Beyond that, it can activate voice controls on your phone (if it has them) so you can speak commands. The only downside is that the audio quality, while fine for calls, isn’t so great for music. However, if your main concern is having a headset for calls, these are just fine. The mic picks up even soft voices and does a decent job filtering background noise.


Our Score

3. RHA S500 Universal

Best Headphones For Huawei Device in 2024 76

The RHA S500u is an incredible value, offering stunning sound and build quality for the price. These headphones easily stand toe-to-toe against competitors costing twice as much. They may not be the last word in resolution, dynamic range or sound staging, but it’s incredible that RHA made headphones that sound this good for so little money. Bass features good extension and excellent impact, but still remains balanced. There’s a slight mid-bass emphasis that makes the S500u sound great with popular music and thankfully this emphasis doesn’t bleed into the Mids. These are great for any android smartphones available for market.


Our Score

4. 1MORE Triple Driver in-Ear Earphones 

Best Headphones For Huawei Device in 2024 77

Sound quality is where the 1MORE Triple Driver stands out. While the balanced but slightly warm sound signature didn’t blow us away at first, we came to appreciate the balance and detail provided by the Triple Drivers. 

Music is exquisitely detailed with a good sense of space. Instruments are layered and complex songs don’t sound muddled as each instrumental layer remains audible. While there are more detailed in-ear headphones out there, you’ll have to pay much more for the minute increase in performance. 


Our Score

5. Mindorlen Headphones

Best Headphones For Huawei Device in 2024 78

Digital noise cancellation technology effectively reduces noise sound and delivers brilliant sound so you enjoy your favorite music all day and all night. Type-c ear phones are comfortable and ergonomic design headphone fit the ear perfectly without any pain even wearing all day long. It presents a distinctive sound quality that differentiates from other normal earphones, with the modern shape and classic black color, everyone could be the fashion itself. Perfect for Huawei or any smartphones available in the market.


Our Score

Best Headphones for Commuting in 2024

Best Headphones for Commuting in 2024 80

Long commuting time and distances can be really tiring and boring as well but headphones can be a great companion while travelling or covering distances from one destination to the other. Music can let you pass your free time easily and for that purpose you need headphones or earphones for listening to music that cancels surrounding noise too. Portable music and commuting go side by side. Dead time and long, boring journeys in noisy environments for e.g buses, trains and planes are require to be brightened up by a favorite playlist, an audio book or a favorite soundtrack.

For those cases, it’s a great idea to get your hands on travel headphones. The devices, which are generally quite affordable, are compact. And since they can be easily folded, they can fit into your travel bag or suitcase with ease. Best of all, they offer nice-enough sound that you won’t feel bad leaving those big, bulky and expensive high-end headphones behind when you’re on the road.

In this blog we will talk about in ear headphones for commuting. In Ear Headphones are the smaller types of headphones that fit directly into your ear canal. Some prefer in-ears regardless of what traveling they’re doing since these are super versatile, very easy to pack and pretty compact and offer great features.

If you are looking for travel headphones (over- ear) we have discussed those in our previous blog; top headphones for travelling. 

So some of our favorite picks for in ear commuting headphones are:

1. JBL E25BT

Best Headphones for Commuting in 2024 81

If you want a simple audio pair of wireless headphones for your morning or evening commute for less than $50, get the JBL E25BT. These wireless earphones have a simple, compact, highly portable design. Like most in-ears, not every user will enjoy the fit, but they come with 3 sizes of interchangeable ear bud tips, so you should be able to find a fit that is best for you.

They have a pretty remarkable sound, with a rich bass, an even mid-range and a well-balanced treble. Their in-ear fit also stops quite an amount of noise but unfortunately, it’s not as effective against the deep rumbling noises of a bus or airplane engine, which will still intervene into your audio from time to time. They should last long enough for most commuting time due to the 9.5 hour battery life.


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2. Bose Sound True Ultra

Best Headphones for Commuting in 2024 82

If you wish to not worry about keeping the batteries charged, check out the Bose Sound True Ultra In-Ear headphones. These portable wired ear buds offer an incredible, more comfortable fit than coventional in-ear headphones. They have excellent breathability; they’re stable enough for sports and have good passive isolation. They are a great option for your morning or evening commute, long trips, or even running and working out. They have an above-average sound, and excellent leakage control, so you won’t irritate anyone at work or in a silent room.

However, they only isolate with the tight seal the buds create in your ears, so they won’t be the best option for really noisy environments. On the other hand, they should do well enough submissively for most commutes.


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3. Jabra Elite Active 65t

Best Headphones for Commuting in 2024 83

If you want a commuting headset that you can easily carry around in your pockets, then check out the Jabra Elite Active 65t. These entirely wireless headphones are great for commute and travel, due to their strong submissive isolation, great portability and above-average sound that you can control via the Jabra Sound app. They also have a 5-hour battery life with two additional charges stored in their compact case, for a total of 15 hours.

However, they won’t be as comfortable as the others on this list. They have slightly larger ear buds than most in-ears, so depending on the size and shape of your ears, they may get a little uneasy during longer hearing sessions. 


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4. Plantronics Back Beat Go 2

Best Headphones for Commuting in 2024 84

When it comes to a cost effective headphone in the market, the Back Beat Go 2 is as good as other expensive ones. For those of you looking to boost your game when it comes to traveling with a higher quality headphone, these Bluetooth accessible headphones are a great “starter headphone” for your future trips. Especially featuring a sleep mode that allows your headphones to save battery life while still being able to fully use them. Bluetooth connectivity allows the user to have music access anywhere in the world, but the fully charged battery case increases your listening time by nearly 15 hours, making these one of the best travel headphones, while still being considered a beginner selection since the price is so low.


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5. Beyer Dynamic Byron

Best Headphones for Commuting in 2024 85

Built to offer a strong sound, the Byron is the ideal choice for music listeners looking for a higher quality in their audio. Exceptionally compatible when sound quality is concerned; this headphone is both comfortable and simple in its design. Although these headphones are mainly utilized for relaxation, they remain a great option for commuting; they also work well with working out, walking or simply listening to some soundtracks during a long commute. The Byron is one of the best travel headphones as it comes with replaceable silicone ear tips and provides an intensifying listening experience. 


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Best Headphones for Travelling in 2024

Buying travel headphones can be a bit difficult. You will naturally want something compact and lightweight without compromising on sound, but you will also need good noise isolation. Thankfully, there are travel headphones that fit pretty much every need, from larger, comfortable over-ears to the most compact truly wireless headphones.

Best Headphones for Travelling in 2024 87

Before you buy any travel headphones, you’ll need to consider a few things. For one, you’ll need to decide whether you want wired or wireless headphone options. You’ll also need to decide whether you want a microphone built in to make calls from the headphones. And if noise-canceling technology is something you find important to enhance your listening experience, be ready to pay a bit more.

The best travel headphones are designed to keep noise out, but also have active noise-canceling features that will naturally reduce the amount of surrounding noise when listening to music.

The headphones should have comfortable ear pads to enhance comfort while travelling.

Third but most important factor, headphones should have a convenient control area that let you turn on and off the active noise-canceling. And if you want to answer or end a call, simply press the button next to the noise-canceling switch.

Here are some of the top picks for travel headphones:

1. Bose Sound True Ultra

Best Headphones for Travelling in 2024 88

These are over the ear headphones by Bose with Alexa voice control which are excellent for travelling purposes. They are lightweight, comfortable and easy to use. They also have excellent noise isolation, suitable for most noisy environments and offer a good and incredible audio quality with a lot of bass. These headphones are a quite pricey but are pretty much worth the money with all the features they offer. They have a reliable 20-hour battery life, with power-saving features, so they can be easily used for long international flights.


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2. Sony WH1000XM2

Best Headphones for Travelling in 2024 89

These headphones provide similar experience to Bose but you can customize the sound and noise cancellation according to your desire. There is an application with these headphones that is available for iOS and android and can be used to customize their sound profile, with everything from a custom equalizer to room effects and sound position options. It also gives you more command over the ANC feature than most noise cancelling headphones. They’re also a bit heavier, bulkier and slightly more unmanageable to wear.


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3. Libratone Q ADAPT

Best Headphones for Travelling in 2024 90

These headphones are quite good for travelling and plane journeys. There is also a half percent noise cancelling option that is safer when you’re out and about and don’t want to be completely unaware from traffic noise when crossing roads, etc. The ear pads are touch sensitive so they can be used to play, pause or alter the volume. The battery life is pretty good too, offering up to 20hrs of backup.  The built-in noise isolating microphones provide you to take phone calls in any situation wirelessly, while the active noise cancellation reduces background noise.


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4. MonoDeal Over Ear Deep Bass Earphones

Best Headphones for Travelling in 2024 91

If you are looking for a pair of travel headphones that offer the proper combination of noise-canceling, attractive design, portability and affordability, the MonoDeal Active Noise-Canceling Headphones are the best choice. These headsets come with a compact design that lets you fold them and put them in an included bag for easy traveling. The headphones are designed to keep noise out, but also have active noise-canceling features that will dramatically minimize the amount of surrounding noise when listening to music. Another plus point of these headphones are the overstuffed headphone cups to improve comfort.


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Best Headphones for Travelling in 2024 92

These are the cheapest among the list but provide great comfort and portability. They provide full range hi-fi sound for 12 hours one charging equipped with 40mm dynamic drivers due to which you can get immersed into your favorite music once putting them on. With built-in microphone and on-bored control, you can easily make phone calls, control music or track volume level without touching the phone while travelling. These are both wired and wireless headphones, so you can decide to plug them in or connect to devices wirelessly via Bluetooth.


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