Best Headphones for Commuting in 2024 1

Best Headphones for Commuting in 2024

Best Headphones for Commuting in 2024 2

Long commuting time and distances can be really tiring and boring as well but headphones can be a great companion while travelling or covering distances from one destination to the other. Music can let you pass your free time easily and for that purpose you need headphones or earphones for listening to music that cancels surrounding noise too. Portable music and commuting go side by side. Dead time and long, boring journeys in noisy environments for e.g buses, trains and planes are require to be brightened up by a favorite playlist, an audio book or a favorite soundtrack.

For those cases, it’s a great idea to get your hands on travel headphones. The devices, which are generally quite affordable, are compact. And since they can be easily folded, they can fit into your travel bag or suitcase with ease. Best of all, they offer nice-enough sound that you won’t feel bad leaving those big, bulky and expensive high-end headphones behind when you’re on the road.

In this blog we will talk about in ear headphones for commuting. In Ear Headphones are the smaller types of headphones that fit directly into your ear canal. Some prefer in-ears regardless of what traveling they’re doing since these are super versatile, very easy to pack and pretty compact and offer great features.

If you are looking for travel headphones (over- ear) we have discussed those in our previous blog; top headphones for travelling. 

So some of our favorite picks for in ear commuting headphones are:

1. JBL E25BT

Best Headphones for Commuting in 2024 3

If you want a simple audio pair of wireless headphones for your morning or evening commute for less than $50, get the JBL E25BT. These wireless earphones have a simple, compact, highly portable design. Like most in-ears, not every user will enjoy the fit, but they come with 3 sizes of interchangeable ear bud tips, so you should be able to find a fit that is best for you.

They have a pretty remarkable sound, with a rich bass, an even mid-range and a well-balanced treble. Their in-ear fit also stops quite an amount of noise but unfortunately, it’s not as effective against the deep rumbling noises of a bus or airplane engine, which will still intervene into your audio from time to time. They should last long enough for most commuting time due to the 9.5 hour battery life.


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2. Bose Sound True Ultra

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If you wish to not worry about keeping the batteries charged, check out the Bose Sound True Ultra In-Ear headphones. These portable wired ear buds offer an incredible, more comfortable fit than coventional in-ear headphones. They have excellent breathability; they’re stable enough for sports and have good passive isolation. They are a great option for your morning or evening commute, long trips, or even running and working out. They have an above-average sound, and excellent leakage control, so you won’t irritate anyone at work or in a silent room.

However, they only isolate with the tight seal the buds create in your ears, so they won’t be the best option for really noisy environments. On the other hand, they should do well enough submissively for most commutes.


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3. Jabra Elite Active 65t

Best Headphones for Commuting in 2024 5

If you want a commuting headset that you can easily carry around in your pockets, then check out the Jabra Elite Active 65t. These entirely wireless headphones are great for commute and travel, due to their strong submissive isolation, great portability and above-average sound that you can control via the Jabra Sound app. They also have a 5-hour battery life with two additional charges stored in their compact case, for a total of 15 hours.

However, they won’t be as comfortable as the others on this list. They have slightly larger ear buds than most in-ears, so depending on the size and shape of your ears, they may get a little uneasy during longer hearing sessions. 


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4. Plantronics Back Beat Go 2

Best Headphones for Commuting in 2024 6

When it comes to a cost effective headphone in the market, the Back Beat Go 2 is as good as other expensive ones. For those of you looking to boost your game when it comes to traveling with a higher quality headphone, these Bluetooth accessible headphones are a great “starter headphone” for your future trips. Especially featuring a sleep mode that allows your headphones to save battery life while still being able to fully use them. Bluetooth connectivity allows the user to have music access anywhere in the world, but the fully charged battery case increases your listening time by nearly 15 hours, making these one of the best travel headphones, while still being considered a beginner selection since the price is so low.


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5. Beyer Dynamic Byron

Best Headphones for Commuting in 2024 7

Built to offer a strong sound, the Byron is the ideal choice for music listeners looking for a higher quality in their audio. Exceptionally compatible when sound quality is concerned; this headphone is both comfortable and simple in its design. Although these headphones are mainly utilized for relaxation, they remain a great option for commuting; they also work well with working out, walking or simply listening to some soundtracks during a long commute. The Byron is one of the best travel headphones as it comes with replaceable silicone ear tips and provides an intensifying listening experience. 


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