Best Headphones for Kids in 2024 1

Best Headphones for Kids in 2024

Nowadays the children of 21st century, love playing music or watching the latest YouTube sensation on their tablets or even TV. The new generation is quite involved in technology along with studies. So if children are so immersed in their technical activities, why not invest in some headphones designed specifically for youngsters.

Best Headphones for Kids in 2024 2

These headphones for kids are designed for their small heads so they can fit easily and also with a voice and volume controller so that the audio levels don’t increase to dangerous levels.  

Studies have shown that headphones which are designed for adults can increase volume up to 115 dB equal to a rock concert. Listening at that volume level for just 15 minutes a day can damage a child’s ears. For that case, plenty of children’s headphones have a volume restrictor of 85dB, which is the maximum noise level recommended by many auditory health organizations. 

In order to search for best headphones for your kid you need to consider a few things. First of all look for headsets with volume controllers and think about background noise when your child has headphones on. The quieter the background noise, the minimum the volume needs to be on the headphones. Second, avoid in-ear headphones as they put the sound closer to the eardrum, possibly causing more damage. Third and quite important, consider the cable length. If the cable length is too long, your child could well trip over it.

So here are some of the best headphones for kids listed below:

1. BestGot Headphones

Best Headphones for Kids in 2024 3

These headphones are probably the cheapest yet amazing headphones for kids. They offer high quality sound, the headphones provide immersive listening experience in natural sound. The headphones give a powerful and crisp sound, making your overall listening experience just much better. It’s a heavy Bass headphone with excellent sound effect and strong low bass speaker. It’s 4.3 ft cord is compatible with all 3.5mm jack devices microphone with high integrity, compatible with MP3, MP4, PC, DVD and smartphones.


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2. Puro Sound Labs BT2200

Best Headphones for Kids in 2024 4

The Puro headphones are the most costly among the list, but they are worth it.

They are not only super stylish but they look more like adult headphones and have an 18-hour battery life, volume limiter with incredible audio quality.

They are also good at blocking out surround sounds and most importantly for parents not wanting to listen along with their kids; they are great at stopping noise leakage. They are also wireless, so your kids won’t trip over the cables.


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3. Fleece Headband Toddler Headphones by kozzy

Best Headphones for Kids in 2024 5

These are much innovated designed headphones for kids. The headphones are ultra-flat speakers built into a washable fleece band. Just make sure you remove the lightweight speakers before you pop in the washing machine. They control the sound up to 85 dB so the audio levels don’t reach the damaging levels. It comes with durable 50 inches braided cord and 3.5 mm stereo plug. The kids will love the incredible stereo sound of these toddler headphones.


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4. JIEDING Kids Headphones

Best Headphones for Kids in 2024 6

These headphones are quite reasonable and to protect the child’s hearing, the volume of the headphones is always within 85 decibels. The headphone has a noise reduction function and the sound quality is clear, smooth and balanced. The standard 3.5 mm audio jack is suitable for listening to music or audio books and is compatible with most smartphones, iphone, ipad, MP3, MP4 and PCs.  The Headphones weigh about 130g.The lightweight construction makes them easy to carry and save space, providing extra flexibility, portability and durability.


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5. LilGadgets Untangled Pro

Best Headphones for Kids in 2024 7

Suitable for kids aged four and above, the LilGadgets Bluetooth headphones have a 12-hour battery life, long enough for most journeys. There is a back-up you can use instead if the charge runs out. The ear pads and headbands are covered with specially designed Soft Touch breathable mesh material for the kid’s comfort. These headphones also come with a travel bag for good portability.


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6. Edifier H650 Headphones

Best Headphones for Kids in 2024 8

Edifier’s headphones come with a colorful design that makes the H650 far more attractive than the boring black or gray headphones you would typically find. They feature 40mm drivers, so you can expect the headphones to sound great. And since they fold in half, they’re best for saving room while you travel with the kids.

Since these are travel headphones, Edifier has improved their design with stainless steel to prevent damage.

Best of all, the headphones come with a reasonable price.


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