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Best Managed WordPress Hosting Providers of 2019 | Compare & Go Live Today

Top Managed WordPress Hosting

When you finally decide to get a WordPress website, you will need get a domain name and hosting service first and foremost. Without these, it is next to impossible to get your site up and running. Do keep in mind though, there are different types of hosting i.e. dedicated, shared, cloud, VPS and managed.

Since this blog is about managed WordPress hosting, where the hosting providers handle all technical aspects regarding WordPress, you will want to know which one is the absolute best. If you want more time to focus on building a website and creating unique content, you can’t just make do with any managed WordPress hosting service. Here you find managed wordpress hosting comparison,To aid you in your cause, here are the 7 best managed WordPress hosting sites for your consideration.

Here are the top Managed WordPress Hosting providers of 2019:

Score Features

Starts From $19

Fully managed Professionally tweaked Daily backups Malware scan Firewall, CDN ready

Starts From $30

Powered by Google Cloud Unlimited visits/ pageviews Daily backups WP expert as support Hack fix guaranteeally tweaked

Starts From $10

1-click App Deployment & Free Migrations Unlimited WordPress Installs FREE SSL Certificates 24/7/365 Online Support Pay As You Go – No Contract Required

Starts From $20

1TB monthly Bandwidth SSD database Reddit™-ready CloudFlare w Railgun 24/7 live support

Starts From $15

Launch client sites fast Free demo sites Collaboration tools Auto-backups Bulk plans available

Starts From $299

Powered by Amazon Expert Support Automatic Backups to S3 Staging + Sync SSL Management

Starts From $45

Up To 10 Sites Free Migrations Managed SSL Certificates Daily Backups 24/7 Chat Support

1. WP Engine

(Loads under 0.24s, starts from $35, and comes with amazing support)

WpEngine WordPress Hosting

When it comes to managed WordPress hosting, WP Engine offers the basics. It does offer a few extra features like loading content based on IPs, strategic account management and site staging. The company’s data and visitor caps, along with the lack of traditional website hosting services including emails and domains, keep it primarily focused on WordPress, making them experts of the field.
If advance WordPress hosting is all you care about, then look no further than WP Engine.

2. Kinsta

(Loads under 0.26s, starts from $30, and comes with super support)

Kinsta Hosting

Kinsta delivers when it comes to handling multiple visitors simultaneously. Additionally, the service has unbelievable uptime levels, thus making it one of the best options for managed WordPress hosting.

You will come across several worthwhile features such as security monitoring, automatic website backups and a user-friendly staging environment. For those times when you are in a pickle, the support staff is available 24/7 for all your queries and troubles.

3. Cloudways

(Loads under 0.7s and starts at $10, User friendly dashboard, Good for Bloggers, Designer & Ecommerce store)

Cloudways Hosting

One of the best things about Cloudways is the fact that it strikes a perfect balance between great functionality and affordability in terms of managed WordPress hosting.

The service has a fantastic feature set, and you can scale hosting resources based on your own needs and requirements. Also, the since service is a cloud based platform, so you will get optimal site performance, unparalleled security and blazing fast speeds.

No matter what managed WP hosting service you opt for, pay attention to your own needs and requirements to be able to make an informed decision.

Finding the absolute best does not mean it will tick all the right boxes, as each service provider out there has its own pros and cons. If you haven’t already identified your requirements, start by doing so. Once that is done, compare it to the features the aforementioned service providers are offering. Rest assured, you will find the best service provider for your website specifically.

Remember, choosing the right managed and fastest WordPress hosting service can make all the difference in the world for your website, so make sure you choose wisely.

4. Media Temple

(Loads under 0.5s, starts from $20, Great for: Bloggers, businesses, designers)

Media Temple is better suited for experienced bloggers and web developers that need extra server scalability and stability down the line. It is easy to sign up and get started with, and offers handy features that ensure your site benefits from the best speeds, security, email and customer support.

Basically, you will find everything you need here to save money in the long run. This is should explain why the service is a bit pricey, but then again, Media Temple knows websites and WordPress like no other. Media Temple’s managed VPS hosting platform.

5. Flywheel

(Loads under 0.75s, Starts from $15, amazing user friendly dashboard)

Whether you are a developer, designer or an agency that sets up sites, you will find Flywheel to be a delight.

Flywheel is one of those managed best WordPress hosting services that is worth every penny. It offers fantastic features, some of which are not available with the other services out there, all the while keeping a balance between outstanding reliability and solid performance. You get all of this and so much more without compromising on speed. No matter the load, Flywheel will not disappoint.


(Loads under 0.09s, starts from $299, and perfect hosting for big businesses & Enterprises)

Pagely Hosting

The service provider may be a bit pricey, but it more than makes up for it by giving access to tons of features to make it easier to manage your site, or sites even.

Image optimization, global CDN, premium DNS, security; it is all taken care of on your behalf. But taking its price into account, it is not meant for individuals that want to set up a blog about cats. It is better suited for individuals or businesses that wish to set up an e-commerce store.

7. Pressable

(Loads under 2 seconds and starts at $25, overall good hosting)

Pressable Hosting

Pressable is a great option for websites owners that need a hosting service for a plethora of WordPress sites. These are the type of people that do not want to be bothered by their upkeep and maintenance. Of course, this convenience does come at a cost, but it is worth it.

Where the hosting service lacks is in uptime transparency and support availability, which prevents it from becoming the absolute best managed WordPress hosting service in the industry.

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