Best Reseller Hosting Providers of 2024 1

Best Reseller Hosting Providers of 2024

Reseller hosting AKA ‘white label hosting’ is crucial for any company in this day and age to maintain its presence online. Your presence in the cybersphere can sometimes be the deciding factor in your business coming out on top or completely going bust.

First things first, what is reseller hosting

It is just like website hosting. If you happen to be an entrepreneur, an owner or a web developer, you can set up shop for hosting your clients’ websites. Confused?

Let us put it this way. You buy hosting from a bigger company for your business and then resell the extra bit of resources such as tools and services for web space to your customers in any way you prefer.

The original (bigger) web hosting companies have reseller programs in their arsenal, and you can buy them in bulk which will inadvertently cost you cheaper. These resources include disk space, bandwidth and cPanel accounts which you can either sell in a bundle form or as a separate resource.

Reselling hosting is a Software as a service (Saas) concept and has its benefits. You can simply make a profit by reselling it to clients who are interested without having to worry about server, software and other related infrastructure.

Although you will serve as first line of interception for the customers, however, you are not responsible for any hardware or connectivity related troubleshooting (issues) rather it falls under the purview of original web hosts’ data centers to sort.

Is it a SaaS based concept?

Yes, reseller hosting is a SaaS (Software as a service) based concept where you merely reap rewards by selling website hosting to customers. You are only responsible customer service. Rest is taken care of by the software owner.

Concerns related to server, software or that has to do with infrastructure fall in the court of the bigger company. Furthermore, any issues pertaining to hardware or troubleshooting, also, are responsibility of the original web hosting company.

Cool, eh?

Now, let’s see a couple of reseller hosting providers in detail that are both popular and have the best
overall standard when it comes to setting up your presence in the online world.

List of reseller hosting services

We will now look into some of the top reseller hosting platforms that you can bank on, for both establishing and maintaining your internet presence.

Score Features
Best Reseller Hosting Providers of 2024 2

Starts From $10.99

Shared, VPS, Dedicated Hosting Solutions Over 800+ Products to Sale Unlimited Control Panel Accounts Pre-Integrated Payments 100% White-label WHMCS & Billing Integrations 24x7 Expert Support
Best Reseller Hosting Providers of 2024 3

Starts From $5.9

Cloud Hosting Solutions Marketing Support for Channel Resellers Official Status as Channel Reseller in Partner Directory Test Account with Credit Support for Alibaba Cloud Products Promotions and Marketing Campaign Support Product and Sales Training
Best Reseller Hosting Providers of 2024 4

Starts From $19.95

Unmetered Domains, Subdomains, Email Accounts, MySQL Databases, FTP Accounts 45-Day Money-Back Guarantee WHMCS Client Management / Billing software 400+ Brandable Video Tutorials for Your Clients 100% White-label 70+ gTLDs & ccTLDs to resell
Best Reseller Hosting Providers of 2024 5

Starts From $13.99

WHMCS & Billing Integrations Free cPanel & WHM 90-Day Moneyback Guarantee 400+ Available Applications 100% White-label Private NameServers
Best Reseller Hosting Providers of 2024 6

Starts From $13.19

WHM Control Panel Anytime Money Back Guarantee 24/7/365 Guru Crew Reinforced DDoS Protection 400+ Available Applications
Best Reseller Hosting Providers of 2024 7

Starts From $3.5

User-Friendly Reseller Area 100% White-label Unlimited Email, FTP & MySQL Data Bases 24/7 Reseller Support
Best Reseller Hosting Providers of 2024 8

Starts From $8.99

White-label eCommerce storefront GoDaddy Credit Card Processing for your Brand Commision Plus Set Your Own Prices 24/7 Reseller Support FREE Email Marketing Software Money-Back Guarantee
Best Reseller Hosting Providers of 2024 9

Starts From $3.29

Fully Managed Unlimited Email & FTP Account Free SSL Certificates 24/7 Reseller Support
Best Reseller Hosting Providers of 2024 10

Starts From $0

FREE WHMCS License Free Standard SSL To Protect Your Customers Free WHMCS Plugin for Cloud Products Standard DDoS Attack Protection 24/7/365 Support for You
Best Reseller Hosting Providers of 2024 11

Starts From $19.95

Unlimited Domains Private DNS Server 24/7 Support

1. BlueHost

A project co-founded by Matt Heaton and Danny Ashworth. It is said that with Bluehost you can expect a team of 750 people working religiously to bring you uninterrupted hosting services. Which is why, perhaps, hosting with Bluehost is an experience like any other.

Bluehost Hosting

The provider has plans which are cheaper as well as those that are costly. But depending on your
business size or need you can opt for the plan which you deem fit. You can begin for as low as $2.95 a month which is their basic plan. You can also choose from $7.99/month and $12.49/month,
respectively. Naturally these are high tier offerings.

Bluehost brings its users an unmetered bandwidth so there’s no stopping. The basic plan known as Starter provides you with 100 email accounts. Isn’t that exciting!? With high tier plans namely; Plus and Business Pro you get an unrestricted number of email accounts.

Furthermore, cPanel is easily configurable which lets you control the sites in a fun way. After all, who just wants all work and no play?

2. Alibaba Cloud

Best Reseller Hosting Providers of 2024 12

Ali Cloud or Alibaba Cloud is a reseller hosting service brought to you by the house of Ali Baba Group
which requires no introduction. A relative newcomer compared with the big names in the industry, Ali Cloud packs a simple to use and easily manageable cPanel such as for adding domains, analyzing traffic and managing files etc.

Moreover, the hosting provider supports WordPress, Joomla and a wide array of web builders. Ali Cloud is based on container technology which makes it quick and a secure platform that you can bank on for all your hosting needs.

Its best-seller includes a single website with 50GB data transfer capability per month and for what, just $5.90 per month.

3. HostGator

HostGator dates back to 2002 where the idea of its launch was coined from a dorm room. Since then, if there is one name that a person can recall of the top of his head, it would (without a doubt) be HostGator.

hostgator hosting

The leading web hosting platform offers a variety of services; shared hosting, reseller scheme, VPS and managed hosting. But we are here to talk about reseller hosting, and HostGator is known for its lucrative pricing structure when it comes to reseller hosting resources.

HostGator has three notable plans, namely Aluminium, Copper, and Silver. Following are their respective per month pricing structure:

  • Aluminium – $19.95/month
  • Copper – $24.95/month
  • Silver – $24.95/month

All of the above plans sports free of cost SSL with best reseller hosting and an unrestricted number of domains. As for the bandwidth and disk space, they range from 600-1400 GB and 60-140 GB, respectively. Moreover, HostGator allows you to create several cPanel, the ability to select from WHM Autopilot or WHMC and greater control of elements such as payment methods, etc.

4. InMotion Hosting

InMotion is yet another top of the line reselling option for you to rely on. The company has been growing for as far back as 2001 and has exhibited no signs of slowing down anytime soon. In the years it has been active, InMotion has brought to the table a wide array of hosting solutions that clients have benefited from all around the world.

inmotion hosting

It has a multitude of offerings such as shared hosting, managed hosting, VPS and of course, best WordPress reseller hosting. When it comes to customer support, InMotion has no parallel.

Compared to HostGator above, InMotion provides a total of six reseller plans, and the pricing structure lies somewhere between $22.30 a month to $89.94 per month. First three plans are basic and cater to individuals whereas the latter three, aims to accommodate larger businesses, meaning something for everyone.

All of the plans carry an infinite number of cPanels and domains, Dedicated IP, and free SSD Drives among other offerings. Disk space can vary from 80-260 GB whereas bandwidth can fall in the range of 800 GB to 6 TB.

5. A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting started in the year 2001 and since has outrun its competition, primarily for housing its data centers all over the world. Which is why, also, its web hosting service is highly scalable. For the users who rely on Linux and Windows – A2 Hosting is an excellent option.

a2hosting hosting


It has four reseller schemes but Bronze and Platinum plans are the notable ones. Bronze costs $13.19 a month whereas Platinum costs $40.91 per month. A2 is also the best reseller hosting for web designers.

A2 Hosting has resources including free SSL, WHM control panel, turbo server options, eNom reseller account and much more! You can expect a storage space of 30-200 GB and data transferring capability of up to 400-2000 GB on any given day. That’s saying something!  

6. SiteGround

It was a pet project by some university students and was founded in the year 2004, the same year when the Facebook surfaced on the world scene. Since then SiteGround has been a leader regarding domain registration and other web hosting services.

siteground hosting

Their reseller program is mainly targeted at web developers. Why? No reason, in particular, could be a unique selling point (USP) but whatever that may be, it’s worked in their favor for quite some time now. Web developers can always do something with extra resources, and that’s what SiteGround aims to achieve with them – put additional resources to good use.

SiteGround’s pricing works differently. They employ reseller credits to get user accounts started. There is no contest or a challenge where you earn credits. You merely buy credits from the hosting company. As a reseller, you are required to start with five credits which you can purchase at a price of $18.75 per month. Siteground is famous for best reseller hosting UK.

One credit equals a year of hosting service subscription so the more credits you buy (on any one occasion), the more discount you can avail over the years. Add as many credits as you want because they don’t tend to expire. Isn’t that amazing!?

7. GoDaddy

Reseller website hosting can become a cumbersome job if you are not well-versed in its art and could involve customization of the plans, technical support for clients or even marketing/selling of the products.

godaddy hosting

GoDaddy saves you the hassle and instead provides you with built-in customizations such as bundled credit card processing option to catering orders. You can resell all of GoDaddy’s resources including domain names, managed WordPress plans, hosting and support for marketing and sales without any trace of GoDaddy anywhere.

GoDaddy is popular for its ‘Reseller Profit Estimator’ which is provided on their website and details an estimate of how much money can be made as part of GoDaddy’s reseller scheme. Their ‘Basic’ plan is currently priced at $8.99 a month whereas their ‘Pro’ plan can be opted for a price of $14.99/month.

Furthermore, with GoDaddy, you can set up periodic sales reports that will be delivered to you. By way of which you can direct your efforts to areas that require improvement.

8. Hostwinds

hostwind hosting

Hostwinds can prove to be a go-to reselling option for clients who are into gaming. Its Minecraft server hosting is one to marvel at!. With it, you can develop highly functional and responsive websites. From a reselling hosting perspective, it’s great! On the downside, not every plan packs server support for Windows.

9. Liquid Web

Liquid Web, similar to Hostwinds, boasts impressive reseller plans in addition to packages for VPS, managed hosting and cloud. The specifications are top-notch, and it scores ten on 10 in the department of customer support – imperative step when evaluating reseller schemes.

liquidweb hosting

Uptimes tested produced terrific results; however, the only area where Liquid Web lacks is that it does not support shared hosting nevertheless, a flexible but pricey option to settle for.

10. Interserver

interserver hosting

Interserver offers cPanel web hosting as well as features that can help you with your online business. Interserver reseller program comes with free migrations service, guaranteed email protection, a built-in website builder, an easy-to-use control panel and domain registration at a mere price of $1.99.

In Conclusion

The above list is not exhaustive, and you are open to choose from other variety of reseller hosting services. But keep in mind, whenever it comes to choosing the best reseller program there is no ‘one size fits all.’

As a reader (regardless of whether you are a reseller or an end user), you will have to carefully study each of the pros and cons of the service you are interested in, and only then you can draw comparisons. Largely the selection will depend on the type of product you are seeking to sell and the size of your company.

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