Best WordPress Hosting of 2023 1

Best WordPress Hosting of 2023

When it comes to choosing hosting for your WordPress website, you can’t make do with just about anything. Believe it or not, but your website’s health is entirely dependent on the hosting provider you opt for. But how will you determine which one is the best?

Seeing how there are plenty of options, it can be difficult for you to make an informed decision. Fortunately, this blog aims to give you all the information you will ever need. Without further ado, here are the top WordPress hosting sites in 2019 for you to take into consideration.

Score Features
Best WordPress Hosting of 2023 2

Starts From $19

Fully managed Professionally tweaked Daily backups Malware scan Firewall, CDN ready
Best WordPress Hosting of 2023 3

Starts From $15

Launch client sites fast Free demo sites Collaboration tools Auto-backups Bulk plans available
Best WordPress Hosting of 2023 4

Starts From $30

Powered by Google Cloud Unlimited visits/ pageviews Daily backups WP expert as support Hack fix guaranteeally tweaked
Best WordPress Hosting of 2023 5

Starts From $10

1-click App Deployment & Free Migrations Unlimited WordPress Installs FREE SSL Certificates 24/7/365 Online Support Pay As You Go – No Contract Required
Best WordPress Hosting of 2023 6

Starts From $299

Powered by Amazon Expert Support Automatic Backups to S3 Staging + Sync SSL Management
Best WordPress Hosting of 2023 7

Starts From $20

1TB monthly Bandwidth SSD database Reddit™-ready CloudFlare w Railgun 24/7 live support
Best WordPress Hosting of 2023 8

Starts From $45

Up To 10 Sites Free Migrations Managed SSL Certificates Daily Backups 24/7 Chat Support
Best WordPress Hosting of 2023 9

Starts From $3.95

Free SSL Certificates Daily Backups Staging Tool Free CDN
Best WordPress Hosting of 2023 10

Starts From $2.95

FREE Domain Registration FREE SSL Certificate 24/7 Support WP CLI cPanel & SSH Access
Best WordPress Hosting of 2023 11

Starts From $8.99

FREE Domain Registration One-click migration 24/7 Support Daily backups with 1-click restore

1. WP Engine

The hosting service may be a bit expensive, but it offers excellent uptime. You can always count it to for support, especially when you need it. You can make backups on a daily basis, without having to fear about malware, since the service scans and remove such threats automatically.

wpengine wordpress hosting

It does lack in Windows-based servers though, and it does not sell emails or domain names either. But seeing how WP Engine has numerous features, it is worthy of your WordPress site. WP engine is considered as best managed WordPress hosting.

2. Flywheel

Flywheel manages to deliver exceptional speeds, helpful support, and solid performance; which are required to keep a website up and running without any hiccups. Additionally, Flywheel makes it incredibly easy to build websites from scratch with features like one-click staging and free demo sites.

Flywheel Hosting

Flywheel also gives you the ability to create a website for someone else entirely using the client billing transfer, using which you can transfer the billing for the site to the original owner.

Do keep in mind though, Flywheel is going to be pricey, more so for those that wish to host multiple sites.

3. Kinsta

If you want to host WordPress, another great option for you to look into would be Kinsta. The service is easy-to-use and responsive, where you also get excellent support and security.

kinsta hosting

Kinsta is best suited for people that require multiple WordPress sites. It could also work for designers looking for fastest WordPress hosting for their clients. Sites with high traffic will see an increase in performance via Kinsta, but it comes at a cost, since the service is also pricey. Kinsta is considered as a best WordPress cloud hosting.

4. Cloudways

Cloudways is very easy to set up. It supports countless web apps and has a web-based customer support team that is available 24/7. You can try it for free before you sign up, and if you are convinced you will have several plans to choose from.

cloudways hosting

The service does not give you the option to register a domain, nor does it include email if you sign up. The phone-based customer support isn’t all that great either. Of course no WordPress hosting service is going to be perfect, each and every one of them will have their pros and cons. It all really falls down to what you are looking for. Keeping this in mind, it would be wise to identify your requirements, after which you analyze the options mentioned above to determine which one is exactly what you need. Cloudways is one of the best WordPress managed hosting and famous for multisite hosting.

5. Pagely

Pagely will work best for businesses rather than individuals. This is largely because it is far more capable of handling large amounts of traffic. With this service, you will get speed and security, while rivals only focus on one of the two.

pagely hosting

The service does have its problems, as it does not have phone support. But it manages to fix this by providing support in other forms, more specifically for enterprise members.

6. Media Template

One of the best things about Media Template is the fact that it offers customer support around the clock. If you are willing to pay extra, you will get additional support from their engineers to look at your web codes, backup and restore data, clean a hack and install web apps. The servers are pretty fast, not to mention scalable.

Media temple web hosting

When it comes to its drawbacks, the 1-click installation feature supports a limited number of web apps. The uptime is not great at 99.94%, especially considering how much users have to pay for the service as a whole.

7. Pressable

With Pressable, you get unlimited monthly storage and data transfers. Data backups are made automatically, while each and every file is scanned for malware. WordPress plug-ins are also updated automatically.

pressable hosting

If you are new to WordPress, Pressable makes it incredibly easy to test different design layouts and templates before your site goes live. While designing and manage your site, the admin level tool lets you collaborate with experts. In case you are not sure about Pressable, you can check out its 15-day free trial period to be able to make a decision. Even though Pressable has a lot to offer, it is only WordPress specific. Even though it is one of the most popular CMS these days, not everyone opts for it. Moreover, to get technical assistance, the only way to go about it is by the email ticketing system.

8. SiteGround

SiteGround offers the very best of security, speeds, uptime and customer support. It is suitable for new and experienced websites owners alike, with greater resources since it does not rely on a shared hosting package from other web hosting provider. It is not only scalable, but it is compatible with CloudFlare too.

SiteGround Hosting

The service is only suitable for Linux-based servers, and it lacks advertising credits. Although it manages to provide free migration, the amount of content transferrable is limited to 1GB.

9. Bluehost

Bluehost manages to offer some of the best pricing plans, most of which will be within reach of most users, especially those that are starting out. The service manages to power tons of websites without downtimes.

bluehost hosting

As soon as you sign up you get a free domain name for a year. The best part? There are no hidden charges for you to worry about.

The service has a higher renewal price, higher than others even. Bluehost also upsells addons aggressively during the signup process, but these add-ons can be unchecked if you are not interested. Bluehost is also considered as best WordPress reseller hosting.

10. GoDaddy

GoDaddy is pretty popular, and they do manage to deliver with the fastest page speeds and strong uptime. The first year will also be pretty good, but it can get expensive in the next couple of years.

godaddy web hosting

The service suffers from numerous issues, and it does not stand up to other options available out there. The biggest problem of all is the hidden fees, which can make using the service more frustrating than it already is. Godaddy is considered as best cheap WordPress hosting.


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