Best VPN for Streaming of 2023 1

Best VPN for Streaming of 2023

A VPN helps you protect your online identity. The technology enables you to create a secure tunnel between an unsecured network and the internet. As a result your actual IP address is hidden and you become impervious to data snoopers and prying eyes.

In the world of streaming, VPN has become an essential tool.


It is because often streaming experiences are subject to unwanted speed throttling. ISP throttling is a phenomenon that prevents you from viewing your favourite content at best speed. To watch Netflix, for example, you need a decent enough connection in order to stream non-stop. Throttling will deteriorate the speed(s).

Consequently, high loading/buffering time not only makes for a painful watching experience but it also eats up your bandwidth.

Therefore, it is time we delve into some of the best VPNs for streaming.

Score Features
Best VPN for Streaming of 2023 2

Starts From $3.5

Servers in 60+ Countries Dedicated Servers for Torrenting No-Logs Policy Multiple Protocols Support The Ultimate Killswitch 24/7 live chat support
Best VPN for Streaming of 2023 3

Starts From $2.99

Strict no logs policy DNS leak protection 62 VPN locations No Restrictions Get assistance 24/7
Best VPN for Streaming of 2023 4

Starts From $4.37

Connect up to 12 Devices Zero-logging VPN Servers in 46 Countries 24/7 customer support 30-day money-back guarantee
Best VPN for Streaming of 2023 5

Starts From $8.32

Easy-to-use VPN No Restrictions 148 VPN locations 24/7 customer service 30-day money-back guarantee
Best VPN for Streaming of 2023 6

Starts From $4.99

Unlimited P2P + Streaming Optimized Dedicated, Live Tech Support 24/7 Military-Grade Security and Encryption Connect up to 5 Devices

1. CyberGhost VPN

cyberghost vpn

The VPN service has been around for quite some time now, 2011 to be precise. CyberGhost is known for its staunch support in “free internet”. The company flashes it on their website and does not shy away from doing so. CyberGhost has 115 servers under its belt and boasts 3000 locations worldwide.

In China, for instance, people are unable to access majority of web services including Facebook and YouTube. With CyberGhost you can unblock your favourite sites as well as bypass geo-restricted content such Netflix US or Hulu.

CyberGhost, in addition packs support for Linux and VPN enabled routers. You can even stream on Kodi with it. Protocols are in abundance, and the provider offers a Kill Switch feature that immediately kills your internet access should it disconnects for some reason.

It has pricing/payment plans for everyone. You get six months plan for $4.99/month or for a total of $29.94, and monthly plan for $11.99 a month. Furthermore, you can expect support for P2P sharing, DNS and WebRTC leak.

2. NordVPN


NordVPN is easily one of the best VPNs out there, primarily, due to 5000+ servers and over 60 locations. You can expect up to six simultaneous logins with Nord. The IP count is low when compared with other VPNs on the list nevertheless it does well to anonymize your web presence.

Their best seller is a one year plan that comes at the price of $6.99/month which totals to $83.88, annually. Nord’s monthly package is $11.95 per month but can become expensive in the long run. Oh, and did we mention that NordVPN offers a 30-day refund policy? Now you know.

To further improve security, you can opt for their Dedicated IP addon which assigns any number of IPs specific to each person that only they can access. So get ready to stream your favourite movies and TV shows with Nord, today!

3. StrongVPN

Best VPN for Streaming of 2023 7

Up next, we have StrongVPN. Their infrastructure is one to marvel at with close to 60,000 different IPs while boasting a number of 689 servers and 70 locations! It may not be much when it comes to servers and locations, but availability of several IPs puts StrongVPN ahead of its competition.

StrongVPN offers Dedicated IP addon for its users to strengthen their online privacy and security. Moreover, StrongVPN as a company is the strongest when it comes to their network. The provider owns its network infrastructure and is not outsourced thereby, giving them an edge in unlimited bandwidth and type of traffic that passes through.

Therefore, you can rest easy that with Strongest your connection has the strongest security and streaming guarantee without unwanted speed throttling.

The monthly plan is $10 a month whereas yearly plan currently stands at $69.99 which is cost effective for those who are on a budget.

4. ExpressVPN


Express is around since 2009 in the world of cybersecurity and thus, packs impressive protocol support for SSTP and L2TP/IPsec, in addition to support for PPTP – which although few use but Express be like, “hey what the hell”!

In case you are not satisfied with the service you can apply for a refund under their 30-day money back guarantee (of course, terms of service applies).

Support centre guides and articles rarely come with details on (end-to-end) troubleshooting. That is not the case with ExpressVPN which is at the same time presentable and makes you want to (actually) read and not skim. FAQs to most common queries are available on their website, as well.

For all cryptocurrency folks, ExpressVPN accepts payment in Bitcoin. So, anyone seeking for a payment method other than cash or credit, you got yourselves an option. That’s keeping up with the trends on Express’s part, no?

Their infrastructure of servers and locations is spread far and wide – across 94 countries to be exact. They also have an Internet Kill Switch feature which can be easily configured in the app and is only priced at $80.04 per year. Plus, you get extra 3 months absolutely free so, stream all you want!

5. Hide My Ass

Best VPN for Streaming of 2023 8

Hide My Ass, a funky name but true in every sense of the word. When government surveillance and hackers are on your ass, you ought to hide it! And you can hide it well with an HMA subscription. Their commitment to privacy can be gauged from the fact that they have well over 3000 IPs in their arsenal.

And that’s not all. It has 830 servers and 280 locations worldwide. Meaning, lots of choices to choose and connect from. If you are a fan of torrents, Hide My Ass categorically supports P2P sharing and torrenting.

HMA runs smoothly on a different array of devices such as consoles and supports up to five simultaneous logins. It accepts payment in Bitcoin with a money-back guarantee option. However, they do keep browsing logs of its users.

Here’s to hoping that they will soon comply with GDPR guidelines. Meanwhile, their yearly plan can be subscribed for $11.52 and annual plan at a price of $78.66/-. Naturally, the latter will prove to be cheaper.

Ready to stream yet?


That’s all she wrote. Take your pick and let us know in the comments, which you think is the most suitable VPN provider for streaming?

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