Snagit Review 2024 1

Snagit Review 2024

Snagit Review 2024 2

SSnagit is a reliable and easy platform for recording videos and capturing screenshots. It can also be used to record audio files. Not only is it robust, but it has plenty of features that will keep users coming back for more. Individuals and businesses alike can use the tool to get their message across without having to spend a considerable amount of time and resources to prepare traditional presentations. But this is not going to be enough to determine whether the tool is of any use to you or not. To learn more about it, read on.


Snagit makes it possible for individuals and businesses to capture images, record video and audio files. This way they can demonstrate complicated procedures, convey their message, and provide feedback to their stakeholders, clients and colleagues. Simply put, the tool simplifies collaboration and communication to make business growth as simple as 1-2-3.


Why should anyone use Snagit at all? Individuals and businesses can use the tool’s screen capture and recording features to create impressive presentations. Video and audio can be captured and integrated into presentations that serve as educational videos, product guides and more.

People that are all about creativity will enjoy Snagit, as it will inspire them to start their next big project. A lot of users can simply use Snagit to capture images from different sources to drive innovation and fuel their creativity.

Once the tool is up and running, users can choose what to capture thanks in part due to its drag and drop capability. Images captured do not suffer from pixel inaccuracy either, which also applies to videos as well. Users can trim down, narrate and create videos from their screen to use them for demos, reviews and feedback.


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  • Screen capture for Mac and PC
  • Skye and Google Hangout Audio Recording
  • Video Capture
  • Image Capture
  • Mobile Capture
  • Text, Shapes, and Callouts
  • Resize and Combine Images
  • Special Effects
  • Magnify
  • Library
  • Snagit Stamps
  • Video Trimming
  • Webcam Recording


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Snagit is available for download in German or English. There are several enterprise pricing packages to be had. The licenses available are as follows:

  • Free Trial
  • 1 License for $49.95
  • 5 to 9 Licenses for $39.46/license
  • 10 to 24 Licenses for $34.96/license
  • 25 to 99 Licenses for $29.97/license
  • 100 to 249 Licenses for $24.97/license
  • For 250+ Licenses the vendor will need to be contacted


All in all, Snagit is an efficient, reliable and beautifully designed app. It does everything a screen capture tool should do, and it does it right. What is interesting is that rival products like Microsoft Snip and Ashampoo Snap do not perform this well nor are they this stable.

If you are using Windows, it already does come with a built-in snipping tool, but that will just not be enough for those that are serious about their screen capturing endeavors, which is where Snagit comes in the picture.

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