Best VPN for Online Gaming of 2019 1

Best VPN for Online Gaming of 2019

VPNs have long been known for its potential to render netizens impervious to data snoopers and prying eyes. But as with technology, it innovates and evolves. Today, a VPN is any online gamer’s best friend. Who would have thought that VPN technology would encapsulate the world of gaming?

5 Best VPN for Online Gaming of 2019

Congratulations! Today it facilitates online gaming. Since VPNs are usually known for privacy and security, at the end of the day, it means rerouting the traffic through a VPN’s own encrypted servers. This in turn, would impact upload/download speeds and latency.

For gamers, the speed and ping time ought to be within acceptable limits to maintain seamless gaming environment or else, the game lags. So we have compiled a list of VPNs that doesn’t weigh down on your game-playing experience, but more than that a little later.

Why do gamers need a VPN service?

Online gaming is partially about multiplayer and partially about getting higher ping. Gamers can get access to servers in Korea and other regions with a VPN which would otherwise be inaccessible to them. They can also connect to locations with better ping.

Furthermore, VPNs can save gamers from DDoS attacks and enables them to buy games online which are not yet released in their own country. However, the latter results in violation of game’s terms of service.

So without further ado, let us look into some top VPN brands (in descending order) which suits online gaming.

Note: Naturally, servers close to the actual VPN location will yield improved results than those which are at a distance.

Score Features
Best VPN for Online Gaming of 2019 2

Starts From $2.95

Internet Kill Switch 5 Multi Logins 180+ VPN locations 24/7 Technical Support 31-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Best VPN for Online Gaming of 2019 3

Starts From $5

No Logs Policy Easy-to-Use Apps 70+ Worldwide Server No Restrictions G24/7/365 Support
Best VPN for Online Gaming of 2019 4

Starts From $5

Connect up to 5 Devices Personal Static IP Zero-Logs Policy 7-Day Trial & Money Back 24/7 Support
Best VPN for Online Gaming of 2019 5

Starts From $4.12

Zero Traffic Logs User-friendly Apps VPN Servers in 60+ Countries 24/7 customer support 7-day money-back guarantee
Best VPN for Online Gaming of 2019 6

Starts From $2.91

P2P Support Connect up to 5 Devices Multiple VPN Gateways No traffic logs Servers in 33 Countries

1. PureVPN

It is said that PureVPN is the jack of all trades. PureVPN scored in latency tests and was found to be faster than many so-called fast VPNs. It has more than 140+ locations in its arsenal and a single subscription supports up to five different devices.

Best VPN for Online Gaming of 2019 7

With its ‘Split Tunneling’ feature, you are able to allow certain apps to run over an encrypted channel while others will run over your local LAN. This feature comes in handy when you want performance boost for certain applications but greater privacy for others.

In the pricing department, it is easily the cheapest and is only priced at $2.95/month. Its best-seller is easily the two-year plan at a cost of, yes you guessed it correct, $2.95 a month. For such a meager price, you get top-notch VPN service. What more could you ask?

2. VyprVPN

See, each user has a liking of his and it is certainly no different in the VPN domain. Some favor speed over privacy while others, not so much and since we are talking about best gaming VPNs there’s no doubt that speed plays a pivotal role. VyprVPN meets the requirements for the fastest VPN there is, hands down!

Best VPN for Online Gaming of 2019 8

The download and upload speeds are at par with industry leaders. Moreover, it packs an innate interface which is, at the same time helpful (if you happen to be a non-tech savvy person). When tested, both during the afternoon and in the evening, latency outcomes were consistent and that’s saying something.

GDPR has revolutionized the concept of privacy in this day and age. Imagine, a VPN service in charge of your online privacy and security keeping tabs on your browsing activities, ironic eh? However, the VPN for the gaming industry is bound by regulations such as no user logs, whatsoever should be kept.

Previously, loads of user data were sold to third parties without that person’s explicit consent (prior to May 2018). But now, they DO NOT keep logs of their users’ activities anymore; thanks to the latest privacy policy of VyprVPN.

There are two VyprVPN packages; VyprVPN basic and VyprVPN premium with decent price brackets. So if you ‘feel the need… (wait for it) …for speed’, Vypr should be your pick.

3. KeepSolid VPN Unlimited

Now we already made mention of a cheap VPN but we never said, cheapest. If you happen to be on a budget, KeepSolid is easily the best option. The VPN offers a lifetime subscription as well. So depending on the number of years you seek VPN protection, the cost will vary. The higher number will naturally mean pocket-friendly.

Best VPN for Online Gaming of 2019 9

A single subscription can be utilized on a total of five devices. Plus, the navigation of its interface is relatively simpler and user-friendly. KeepSolid packages include monthly, annual and as previously stated, lifetime plans also offer free VPN server for mobile with no registration.

4. IPVanish VPN

Speaking of interface, none comes close to IPVanish. In the latency test, it outperformed other VPN names. But mind you, IPVanish is an expensive VPN to bask in. The UI is slick and pretty fancy. You may experience a hard time connecting to servers due to load but once connected, it is smooth sailing from that point forward.

ipvanish vpn

IPVanish provides you with the ability to sort latency so that you (gamers) can make informed decisions as to which server to connect from for optimal performance. It even lets you cycle your IP for a limited time which doubles your VPN protection. Anyone looking to crack your location will be thrown off and instead will be set on a wild goose chase.

Just how fascinating is that!? Oh, and it comes with three pricing structures so it’s your call whichever payment plan suits you.

5. Private Internet Access (PIA)

PIA may not score in the interface department but VPN functionality wise, boy does it pay off?! The service comes with 2000+ servers and is pocket-friendly. It has an automatic ad blocking feature and a ‘Kill Switch’ – your internet connection is killed (if activated) in the case your VPN disconnects.

Best VPN for Online Gaming of 2019 10

So not even for a moment, you will be exposed to unsecured/unencrypted connection. That’s PIA for you. From gaming perspective, it is an excellent choice as it rarely interferes with gaming (we found). To the naked eye, these aspects may not pack much appeal but it can work wonders for the folks who live and breathe online gaming.

PIA offers monthly, half-yearly and annual payment plans. Furthermore, is both fast and affordable at the same time.

In conclusion

The above concludes are list of best VPNs for online gaming. Please note that these reviews are not in any way definite and periodically change based on performance, user preferences, market share, and features etc. As stated earlier, technology is a work in progress – you never know!

Let us know in the comments what you think and if there’s any VPN which we failed to cover in our list for best gaming VPNs.

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