Best VPN for Twitter in 2019 1

Best VPN for Twitter in 2019

Why do I need a VPN for Twitter?

Twitter, as we know is a microblogging website that lets you express yourself in a few words. Initially Twitter only allowed 140 characters but with the not so recent update, users can now use 280 characters to convey their tweets.

Best VPN for Twitter in 2019 2

During the Arab uprising, Twitter happened to be at the forefront. People in these regions used Twitter to voice their concerns and protesters were able to group and organize via the medium of Twitter and Facebook.

As a result, and at the time, Twitter came under fire from governments of these regions and was banned. It was an attack on the people’s freedom of speech and thus, people sought relief in using VPN for Twitter so as to bypass ban on the service in their respective countries.

Today, Twitter is banned in countries such as China, Iran and North Korea. If you belong to any of these countries then you might not have much of a choice than to opt for a VPN provider.

List of best Twitter VPNs

Score Features
Best VPN for Twitter in 2019 3

Starts From $8.32

Easy-to-use VPN No Restrictions 148 VPN locations 24/7 customer service 30-day money-back guarantee
Best VPN for Twitter in 2019 4

Starts From $2.99

Strict no logs policy DNS leak protection 62 VPN locations No Restrictions Get assistance 24/7
Best VPN for Twitter in 2019 5

Starts From $3.5

Servers in 60+ Countries Dedicated Servers for Torrenting No-Logs Policy Multiple Protocols Support The Ultimate Killswitch 24/7 live chat support
Best VPN for Twitter in 2019 6

Starts From $4.12

Zero Traffic Logs User-friendly Apps VPN Servers in 60+ Countries 24/7 customer support 7-day money-back guarantee
Best VPN for Twitter in 2019 7

Starts From $5

No Logs Policy Easy-to-Use Apps 70+ Worldwide Server No Restrictions G24/7/365 Support
Best VPN for Twitter in 2019 8

Starts From $2.05

Servers in Over 30+ Countries 7 Days Free Trial Connect up to 5 Devices Strict No-Logging Policy

1. ExpressVPN

The VPN for Twitter which tops our list is none other than ExpressVPN! It has over 1,500 servers and has 94 countries in its bundle of offerings. It packs a military grade encryption service which becomes a tough nut to crack even for the experts. No kidding.


Aesthetically it is also the most pleasant and feel good app. It is dubbed as the ‘fastest VPN on the planet’ and well, for all the right reasons. With its Smart Location setting for desktop client, ExpressVPN connects you to the most optimal server in sight and hides your IP address with prowess from hackers and government.

When it comes to no logs policy, Express only keeps the metadata and that’s about it. Internet kill switch here is referred to as Network Lock – basically the same thing. Can prove to be a bit pricey option but think about what you are getting at a premium.

Twitter and other geo-restricted websites are a thing of past with ExpressVPN. You can bet on that!

2. NordVPN

Ah, the veteran. NordVPN has been around for over a decade now. The name has cemented itself in the cybersecurity niche and is a force to be reckoned with. There are customized servers which serves a particular purpose. With a combination of top speed, multitude of servers and stability, NordVPN is easily the best VPN out there for unblocking needs such as Twitter.


Fans have expressed their trust in NordVPN primarily because of how easy it is to use. The application is simple to set up and is user friendly which makes for a slick navigation experience. Does it have no browsing logs policy? Of course it does!

Servers totals to 1,118 in number and has 60 countries that you can connect from. Stronger encryption means if you are in a place where there are strict cybersecurity laws, with Nord it’s an easy-peasy. You get 256-bit AES protocol, DNS leak protection and internet kill switch which immediately terminates your internet connection should the VPN disconnects, protecting you in the process from any shape of surveillance.

Devices supported range from Windows, Mac and Android to iOS. Furthermore, you can use Nord’s subscription on six devices together. So are you ready to unlock internet freedom?

3. CyberGhost

Do not let its relatively cheaper pricing fool you since CyberGhost packs a set of powerhouse features. The company’s office is located in Romania which favors cyber security laws and thus, the operator has all the tools at its disposal to guarantee your security on the internet.

cyberghost vpn

CyberGhost has a ton of servers in its arsenal, 1,098 to be exact and 40+ countries. CyberGhost does not keep browsing logs of its customers and supports OpenVPN protocol in addition to using 256-bit AES encryption. In short, you can count on CyberGhost for rock solid online privacy and security.

Moreover, internet kill switch and access on five devices at the same time makes CyberGhost a choice for those who are on the lookout for pocket friendly VPN to unblock Twitter or geo-restricted content in their region. Speeds are reliable and very fast so you can bid farewell to ISP throttling. CyberGhost subscription comes with 45 days money back guarantee which is the highest among all the VPNs listed here.

4. IPVanish

Highest standards of privacy can be expected with IPVanish. So if it is Twitter that you are eyeing to unblock you can do so knowing you are safe from government surveillance. Streaming quality is efficient with 1080p videos running as smooth as anything.

ipvanish vpn

IPVanish does not keep records of its users and is in compliance with GDPR regulations. All of IPVanish plans come with an internet kill switch so you don’t have to opt for it as a separate addon. Encryption wise IPVanish offers 256-bit encryption and the OpenVPN protocol is set as default which can be changed.

The number of servers is an impressive 850 and is spread over a total of 60 countries. You can use IPVanish on up to five separate devices, simultaneously. So unblock Twitter and streaming channels all you want with a 7-day money back guarantee thrown into the mix!

5. VyprVPN

VyprVPN, although a good VPN provider service, just has tiny problem. It stores logs of its users’ browsing activities over the internet, but for 30 days as per its privacy policy. Now say what you will, it is a thing of concern for the public. Who’s to say VyprVPN will not and have not in the past handed over user logs to authorities?


No ethical violation has ever been reported so it’s anybody’s guess. On the flip side, VyprVPN states that it is for troubleshooting purposes only and aimed at improving their services as a VPN provider.

VyprVPN offers OpenVPN protocol, 256-bit AES encryption alongside 2,048-bit RSA keys and SHA 256 authentication intended to safeguard your privacy online. An internet kill switch comes bundled in with its paid subscription.

The company also has a Chameleon feature that obfuscates your IP address and makes it impossible for anyone trying to keep tabs on you to figure whether or not you are behind a VPN in the first place. This right there makes up for a perfect ‘thinking black guy meme’.

Expect up to 700 servers all around the globe and with a single subscription, you can access VyprVPN on three different devices simultaneously.

6. Zenmate

Zenmate first became a notable VPN when its browser extension for Chrome surfaced. The service was free and thus, caught attention. However, to access Twitter where it is geo-restricted you need a paid VPN service. Zenmate has a paid service which lets you bask in a wide array of servers and higher levels of encryption by way of which you can mask your online identity from surveillance agencies.

Best VPN for Twitter in 2019 9

Zenmate offers a decent set of services as the company complies with no browsing logs policy. Streaming experience is seamless and a 1080p resolution video is known to stream without any lags in speed.

With its paid subscription, you get access to over 1,000 servers around the globe and are spread out in 28 countries (at the time of writing this piece). Encryption standards include 128-bit AES encryption, 2,048-bit RSA keys and SHA 256 – all meant to strengthen your anonymity as you seek to access blocked Twitter service in your country.

In addition you get an internet kill switch and support for devices including, Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. The subscription comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, as well.

Are Free VPNs a Safe Bet?

Free VPNs are everywhere on the internet. But as the saying not all glitter is gold. Therefore, it is advisable to stay wary of free VPNs as nothing worth having is ever free. With free VPNs there will be all sorts of limitations which otherwise wouldn’t be i.e. in the case a paid VPN service.

You experience unwanted ISP throttling, DNS leaks, get restricted set of servers to connect from, bandwidth usage caps, you name it! It is best that you choose a paid VPN provider and not necessarily from the list above but whichever your heart desires.

Once you have decided on a service, follow these steps to unblock Twitter:

  1. Enter your payment information such as credit card or Bitcoin (many VPNs now accepts payments in cryptocurrency)
  2. Download your preferred VPN software on your device
  3. Launch the VPN application
  4. Connect to a location where Twitter is not banned or blocked, the US or Australia for example.
  5. Browse your favorite microblogging site AKA Twitter just like you would on any given Sunday.

Concluding remarks

This concludes our list on best VPNs for Twitter that you can benefit from if it is inaccessible in your region. Always watch out for the following factors when deciding on a VPN provider; the speed and stability of its servers, encryption protocols, app’s availability on both Android and iOS, the number of simultaneous connections being offered, and lastly, its ease in use.

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