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Best VPN for Streaming Game of Thrones 2019

Now that Game of Thrones is here, the first episode has left fans wanting more. However, there are quite a lot of people that were unable to watch the first episode due to Geo-restrictions. As frustrating as geo-restrictions can be, they can be dealt with for good using a VPN. But not just any VPN […]

Best VPNs to Surf Anonymously in Russia of 2019

VPNs are not unheard of anymore. VPNs are used everywhere in the world today to surf anonymously and stay protected against online threats. Cybercriminals are at large, and no one is safe. Moreover, there are geo-restrictions in place. Certain regions such as Russia blocks websites and apps which can become painful for people traveling to […]

Best VPN for China in 2019

Best VPN for Bypassing the Great Firewall China is often referred to as The Great Firewall by netizens. Why? It is because the state tends to block a number of websites and apps in China which are otherwise accessible in the world. Chinese authorities keep a tight check on the internet activities of its people. […]

Best VPN for iPad in 2019

Even though iOS is one of the most secure operating systems, it still has a few loopholes in terms of privacy and security. This is even more of a problem considering how people these days are quite reckless about their iOS devices, more specifically their iPads. Even though they may not use it much, except […]

Best Business VPN Providers of 2019

With the passage of time, the need for business VPNs have scaled to a new level. The amount of threats lurking in the digital space is more than ever. VPNs perhaps might be the only line of defense today which can safeguard a business’s data and protect its integrity. Malware such as Ransomware is known […]

Best VPNs for Android Tablets in 2019

Even though you may not use your Android tablet for anything else but as a means of entertainment, you should not take its security lightly. Believe it or not, if left unprotected, your tablet could serve as a gateway for hackers and cyber criminals to compromise your network at home, or work even. To prevent […]

Best Headphones For Male in 2019

When we talk about headphones we might not think of it as part of our outfit but a really cool pair can be a great aesthetic appeal in your outfit. From cool silhouettes to sleek color combinations and stylish designs there is a whole world of headphones that fit flawlessly into the fashion universe. Especially […]